Airline role play

Here you can create your own airline or use a current real life one. Make sure no one else is using it first though. You can announce routes order aircraft and anything else airline related. If you want you can create a aircraft manufacturer and other people can order you aircraft however it must be realistic. You can’t have a plane with one door that is the same size as a A380. It just doesn’t happen. I will stand in for the real life manufacturers but if you have a made up manufacture you are on charge of it. If I order aircraft someone else can stand in for me. Please if possible make a logo liveries and templates but they are not required. They are just optional.


  1. You can create or use a real airline
  2. Only use an airline if no one else is
  3. Announce you are going to order an aircraft before you add it to your fleet and wait until order is confirmed before adding it to your fleet. You can start with a fleet at first though.
  4. You can form alliances with other airlines or join a current one.
  5. Routes and aircraft must be realistic
  6. You must have hubs for your airline
  7. You must only order a new aircraft if it is still in production.
  8. You can order old aircraft as well as new ones
  9. You must announce important things to do with your airline
  10. You must announce you are using a name befor you start.

Spanish airlines is now in operation.

Evergreen airlines is now in operation.

Spanish, evergreen and bluewings form transcontinental alliance.

Great idea. Check PM

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The company have introduced their brand new, 16 seater sub-supersonic aircraft named the PYRO1. The aircraft is currently still in testing, and will cost an average of around $320,000,000. More updates coming soon!

Spanish Airlines will be our launch customers, with an order of 10 PYRO1s.
Columbia Airlines have ordered 2 PYRO1s.

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Evergreen whould like to ask to be launch customer by ordering 10 so long as test go well. Orders given to Spanish airlines

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EC-BCA ( Spanish airlines first 727) had a engine failure on a flight to a new museum in Madrid. The aircraft was retired in 1989 but remained flying in air shows until 2009 when it was sent to a museum in Barcelona. It was in maintenance 1 week before the flight and passed with no issues.

Evergreen airlines has gone into financial problems. Spanish airlines has taken evergreens pyro01 orders of there there hands. The CEO of Evergreen said “we are currently going through some financial problems after our crash of the 757-200 last year on approach to Toronto. We have had to cancel orders and hand them over to other airlines but we hope to get through this and continue serving Canada and beyond for years to come. My father did not create this airline even after the loss of much of his family in the war to have me give it up.” Spanish airlines is willing to hand the orders back over if Evergreen comes out of the financial problems.

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BlueWing is under a huge overhaul. During the overhaul, we will introduce a new livery. More details will come out later.

Sounds very convincing I’ll be looking forward to it


E900 - Columbia Airways Launch Customer

11500km range // 2 XN1 engines (Xenon Technologies) // 230 passengers // 1 Aisle // 1 Deck
£230,000,000 per unit

E905 - in development (looking for launch customer)

10000km range // 2 Rolls Royce engines // 690 passengers // 2 aisles // 2 decks
£440,000,000 per unit

EEX - Bluewings Launch Customer

4000km range // 2 GE AEX engines // 140 passengers // 1 aisle // 1 deck
price undisclosed

E910 - looking for launch customer

Long range // Combi options available // 290 passengers

Business Updates

  • Headquarters founded at Manchester Airport. Production hangar is Europes largest building by floor space
  • Partnership formed with Xenon Technologies to produce the engines for the E900 jet

Scottish aerospace has announced Fxxxx program.
Airlines can PM me for details but not everyone will find out about it for a while.

Scottish aerospace is a aerospace company based at GLA. The have 20 hangers across the world. The paint aircraft, preform and build aircraft.
They can paint aircraft for your airline so long as it is only done on one aircraft.

Columbia Airways has started operations.

It is based out of KIAD / Washington Dulles

Its fleet consists of 2 737-8, 2 E900

Aircraft on order: 5 E900s, 5 S240s

Current routes: KIAD-KEWR, KIAD-KORD

They have all business class seats, with a much lower cost than usual airlines business class prices.

Xenon Technologies has been founded.
They are an engine manufacturer that can build engines for your planes.
They are creating the Titan 1, a supersonic short range fuel efficient engine.
PM for details.

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Scottish aerospace has expressed interest in using the engines on there new Sxxxx program.

PYRO1 orders canceled.

5 additional E900s ordered, and 5 S240s.

@George @Jake_Savage

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European Aerospace taking provisional orders for the E900. A single aisle, long range efficient aircraft designed for point to point routes.

The aircraft will have a projected range of 11,500nm and a capacity of 230 passengers in a typical Economy and Business class cofiguration and provide sleeping quarters for 5 crew at a time, requiring 2 pilots and 8 stewards for a standard flight.

Columbia Airways will place an order for 2 E900s, for a special ULR use.

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Spanish airlines plans Jetstream 41 retirement. Final flight will be Barcelona to Madrid.

EUROPEAN AEROSPACE announces Columbia airlines as launch customer for E900 with 2 currently on order and delivery expected in the not too distant future.

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Skybus Aerospace has been founded

Skybus is launching S240, which is a narrow body which can be filled with max. 450 passengers (in all Economy class). Destined for short-medium flights with projected range up to 7500km.