Airline Role Play 2

Ok, so this is sort of a resurrection of the old topic, just now it is (hopefully) in the right topic. (Credits to @AndroidPilot for the original which inspired this until it was taken down)

Here, the goal is to create your own airline or aircraft manufacturer. You can announce routes, order aircraft and anything else airline related.


  • It is recommended you have a logo for your airline.
  • You must create your own original airline, do not use anyone else’s airline branding.
  • Announce you are going to order an aircraft before you add it to your fleet and wait until order is confirmed before adding it to your fleet. You can start with a fleet at first though.
  • You can form alliances with other airlines or join a current one.
  • Routes and aircraft must be realistic
  • You must have hubs for your airline
  • You can only order a new aircraft if it is still in production.
  • You must announce important things to do with your airline

Please feel free to ask any questions in the replies and get creating! :-D

So a Virtual Airline? This would belong in #live:va. The idea already exists. You can see all of them here.

The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database || Change Log #2

The original was taken down for a reason.

Unless this was moderator approved, this kind of thread is not allowed.


This still holds true whether someone creates version 2,3,4 or 400.

Closed for good.

Again, community please don’t create a new one.