Airline procedures?

Hello IFC I was jus thinking about when I was younger and even now when im on board an American airlines flight I notice on everyone of them we are taxing pretty fast and 99% of the time and immediate departure even when there were busy days so my question is are there procedures that pilots follow at there respective airlines that may differ from other airlines? I remember I was at Ronald Regan airport and I remember this guy was listening to the tower frequency and I heard how the SW pilots had this tone on the radio compared to delta pilots or when I see jetblues line up and wait all the time is there a handbook at jetblue that tells their pilots to line up and wait all the time lol or tell them to leave flaps down at gate? any answers would be appciated :)


Atc decide if a pilot should line up and wait or takoff witout lining up

yea ik but u never seen some people cleared for take off and they hit the brakes go threw takeoff checklist then takeoff

why dont you pm @IFATC_Andrew he is a pilot in real life. i’m sure he can answer all your questions


Sure send me a pm


This part can be defined by the airline‘s SOP (standard operating procedure) and has often something to do with the air temperature (there’s a thread somewhere on the forum about it).

The other parts have something to do with ATC clearances (line-up and wait or takeoff clearances and others) and can’t be defined by the airline if I a, correct.

Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to use @IFATC_Andrew‘s great offer.

ye I made that topic not too long ago about flaps down at the gate but ye Ik its atc decision for line up and wait commands but u know how there are people even when cleared for takeoff still sit on the runway for a last minute takeoff checklist lol that’s what I meant by line up and wait bro

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I understand, not too sure there, that might depend upon the amount of checklist points during line-up or on other factors.

I am convinced that real pilots can give better answers here.

ye im talking to Andrew so he can help me

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@JulianB thanks for trying to answer my question tho :)

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No problem at all!

A lot goes on with ATC and even in small airports like Geneva, ATC often ask pilots if they are ready for a rolling departure.

Never heard one say no 🤷‍♂️

Airlines have their own operating/ company procedures and philosophies, here at Lufthansa we call it the OM-A Operations Manual Part-A “ Operating Procedures” and “Rules of the Air”. There everything is written down on how to operate an aircraft acc your Airlines Guidelines. It is published by the Flight Operations and Safety Departement which are led by our Chief Pilot and our Safety Pilot, both being Management Captains.


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