Airline Pilots or Fighter Pilots?

So I need to know the pros of being a commercial pilot and the cons and then the pros of being a fighter pilot and the cons of it. I just can’t decide which is better! Guys please help me!


This belongs in Real World Aviation category. And “Help Me” doesn’t fit as a title for you problem. Make it “Real World Pilots vs Fighter Pilots” or something like that.

I changed it.

Guys please help me!

Begging doesn’t get you anywhere. Wait a couple of minutes …

Well fighter pilot is more life threatening. I personally want to go into commercial.


Yes, I believe that.

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  • Fighter

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This is how I thought of it.

Picture yourself in a fighter jet, dropping bombs over terrorists/enemies/whatever with a great possibiltiy of killing innocent civilians. You would be serving your country, but could you live with yourself with the prospect of harming innocent people?

Now, picture a fully loaded commercial airliner that lost complete communication and is descending into Washington DC. You’re a fighter jet that scrambled to follow it and you’re ordered to shoot it down before it enters the city. Can you do it?

Those are some of the ethical issues and tough questions you have to think about. No one can tell you which is better, it has to be your decision. My suggestion is do your own research and come up to your own conclusion.


I completely agree. There is probably the biggest decision to make … Either kill others … Or they kill you …

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I know people that joined the military and have no problem with the idea of killing others or being killed. You really have to know what you signed up for, and the military will also make sure you’re ready to follow their orders or they’ll weed you out right away.

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That’s what I was thinking.

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Airline: Yay good pay (sorta) and less of a risk!
Also, lousy pay sometimes and bad conditions
But, you would still not have to go to flight school the hard way.


Fighter pilots have great pay and the. You get awesome benefits after your service.

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Guys, I would work for low pay, plus have the risk of dying. That’s the same thing as saying, Going near a active volcano, for low pay.

You have to look at the pilots.

Top gun mate


@787Boy personally I prefer commercial pilot in terms of flying but a fighter pilot has to have a strong heart to kill anyone.

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I don’t really like to fly fast fast. I like to fly fast as in commercial pilot fast not fighter pilot fast. Ive grown up and been fascinated around commercial aviation so thats why I would rather airline pilot