Airline Passenger rights being evaluated by Congress.

I think we ALL could have seen this one coming. With the recent United Airlines passenger incident as well as other confrontations between passengers and staff, a U.S. House Transportation committee will hold a hearing on Tuesday to discuss American passenger rights. Airline customer service policies and passenger flying experience will be part of the discussion.
There are arguments to be made.
-Airline Staff are under a bit more pressure to maintain a safe environment for passengers in a post 9/11 era.

Does this warrant a more aggressive approach to defiant passengers?
Interfering with the duties of a crew member violates federal law.

How aggressive is too aggressive when dealing with a defiant passenger?
Recent Incident:
-Delta passenger was asked to leave the plane when he urgently needed to use the lavatory before takeoff.

In my opinion, I feel that there needs to be a middle ground between passengers and crew. Obviously, if you have a passenger who is threatening physical harm to crew or fellow passengers, it can warrant a more physical approach. However, in the case of the passenger who really needed to use the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Did it require the crew to throw him off the plane? I don’t think so. Post your opinions on this matter.
As an airline, how would you respond?

How do you go about keeping order while at the same time, keeping your passengers happy?


I saw it coming from a mile away… another news article. 😏


I flagged this topic. Thanks for explaining