Airline name Ideas!

But you changed everything to Osprey already…

No its final. But I renamed the thread so if anyone wants to share their own ideas, they can!

ok. thanks

Can you tell me exactly what this is than? A VA is a Virtual Airline, if you were to operate an airline in the game it’s virtual :)

The OP says its not going to be a VA. I just wanted to rename myself instead of PrecarioAir and I needed ideas. Thats why I started this thread.

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So why is it still open if you have your answer? You aren’t gonna choose anything else, are you?

No, thats why I added an “EDIT” to the OP and renamed the thread. If anyone wants to share their ideas, then they can and others could comment on it like “Nice name” or "Cool Livery. Its not about me anymore, Its about the community.

Yummy yummy 😋😋😋

Airline: Janet Airways
Callsign/ICAO: “Tula” (JNT)
Slogan “You won’t know where you are, and neither will we

The fleet would consist entirely of windowless 717’s…

If I were a passenger, I would be highly suspicious of that test-pattern on the vertical-stab… :o

Created in Paint using a known Fokker-100 template.


lol. windowless 717s

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Janet already exists from transporting the USAF to Area 51.

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I believe “JANET” is the callsign for those nondescript flights, but exactly who operates them for the USAF???

I don’t know, probably will never.

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