Airline name Ideas!

Hello aviators. As you can see in IF, People have their own individual airline. So I want to take suggestions for a new name for my airline. ITS NOT GOING TO BE A VA! What I Need:

  1. Full Airline name (Can’t be a real airline, creative)
  2. Call sign that ends with the numbers 91
    3.Preferred Livery to fly with
    I also want to see how creative this community can be!
    The person with the best combo gets a virtual cookie!
    EDIT- @13yearoldpilot Won and received a virtual cookie! Keep sharing your ideas if you want!

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Name: Eminent Airlines / Airways
Callsign: Zippy or Flagship
I really can’t do liveries right know, but have a look on Google for SilverJet. The Silver writing on a medium grey / pearlecent background would look ace.
So generic white it is for now…

  1. Quantum Air
  2. Republic 91

Quantum Air is already an existent thing, however. And GoJet is apparently a subsidiary of United and Delta Regional.

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majestic airlines, CS Majestic21 Aircraft 777

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I’ll come up with another one

Wow great suggestions! I’m still taking more suggestions! You guys are the best! Nice liveries also!

Osprey Airlines. Callsign: Osprey91. Here’s the logo:


Gojet’s already an existing airline, but that is a cool and unique livery.

Wow, I really like that. WINNER WINNER. Here is your virtual cookie!

Looks yummy. But, honestly…I didn’t create the livery or logo. I know you’re probably going to reprimand me for this, but, I just decided on a name, looked online to see if there was anything that was remotely close to my idea, and…bam. Please don’t hurt me :’(

Lol don’t worry, I was too lazy to add in that I need a livery from IF and not one that’s not included in IF, Good job finding a unique name!:’)))))

Alright, thanks.

You can’t control this, every flight for a perticular airline has a different callsign.

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I would suggest Folicle Flights. Oh thought you said hairline - oops

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My call sign in IF ends with 91
I asked for an airline that is not real
I know that in real life, each airline has its own call sign
So I just wanted my flights that I do myself have 91 in it.
Here is my old call sign

so is it osprey now

Yes it is, but I re-opened the thread so everybody can share their ideas!

so the name is stil a WIP