Airline missing and routes

So I’m on flight radar and I’m looking though the airport on the Schedule for Monday and I don’t see any flights going to the airport but the first thing I do fine if your flight doesn’t have those liveries what to do

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If the flight you want to fly does not have a livery for your aircraft, fly Generic, or choose another route. A vast majority of global flights have been cancelled due to coronavirus.

Case in point:

GMMN is featured tomorrow. Please don’t fly a Royal Air Maroc 787 from GMMN to LPPT. You’ll only make yourself look bad.

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It’s because of COVID. I suggest looking for flights on google flight. That’s usually how I do it.

So I look up the city or the airport

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Usually what I do, for example, I last flew to LAX, and I want to fly to SEA. Search up LAX to SEA (change it for your airport of choice) and set the date for late in the year, so you can see flights that are not cancelled.

If there are no direct flights, I choose a stopover airport, or do private\charter.


I tried everything and nothing is popping up

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I like to use google flights (like @Key said), as they, I think show all routes no matter if cancelled or not. Although I usually don’t change the date. Also you can go to an airline’s website and look up a flight you want to do and set the date to as far ahead as possible to avoid COVID cancelled flights.

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How I do it, is search into Google “flight time between [iata code] and [iata code]}
A list of flight numbers will pop up with there times. Pick one. Then go back to the search bar and type “[flight number] aircraft type}
It then usually pops up with this thing that tells you about the type, number of seats, cargo capacity, etc. Then go to wherever you plan flights and plan it. If there isn’t a livery in IF, use generic. Or, you could you a very similar type. For example, if there is an easyJet flight on the A321, I either usd the A320 that does have an easyJet livery, or I use a generic A321.

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