Airline Miles

I’ve been looking this up but can’t really find a clear answer so I thought i’d ask the IFC. My question is simple: Is 1 mile travelled 1 airline mile? This may be an obvious yes, but i’m honestly not sure.

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In aviation we use NM Nautical Mile, the calculation from Miles to NM is

1 mile = 0.86 NM

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I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the airline miles you get by flying IRL flights…


That’s not what I mean. Take American Airlines for example. If i’m a frequent flyer I get miles for them that I can use to buy plane tickets.


oh sorry

In that case I am not sure (hope somebody else can tell you :D)


It varies from airline to airline, but the best way to find out is to find out on your respective airline’s website. For reference, I’ve attached how United calculates the miles.

If you have a specific airline or rewards program in mind, I’d be happy to assist.


It obviously varies from airline to airline, but from a quick search I found cent/points (mile)

Here’s the website: How Much Are Miles Worth? (The Value of Points) | One Mile at a Time

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Assuming you’re talking about frequent flyer programs, no, one mile in-flight is not equivalent to an airline mile. Each airline has their own redemptions and valuations of what one mile is worth, so I won’t go into too much detail but you can check out for some more information, their website talks about this stuff a lot.

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The value of miles also varies based on the fare of the trip if I’m not mistaken. Otherwise, a ticket that might’ve been $40 in January and a ticket on the same route that was $130 in July would be worth the same amount of reward points.