Airline Merchandise

Hey guys it’s been bothering me a lot. You now how you go to a hotel and there is a pen on a desk and you take that. I always wanted a airline pen does anyone now we’re I can get them from website or anything ?

Tons of stuff on eBay but most of it is old. Airline-branded playing cards, ticket jackets, “wings”, amenity kits, safety cards, baggage tags, airmail envelopes, dinnerware, etc.

There are toys and models you can purchase online, in toy stores, at hobby and/or model shops.

At the check-in desks at airports, you will likely find some complimentary baggage tags, ticket jackets (Depend on the airline), etc.

On the plane, you can get the safety card (You’re not allowed to take it but when no one is watching…), menu, vomit bag, magazine, sometimes they’ll have a wifi card or something along the lines of that.

You can keep the tickets if you want.

The above are easy to easyish to find. The following are possible but it takes some commitment:

If flying business class, some airlines will smother you with stuff: PJs, blankets, socks, slippers, pillows, all sorts of branded items. Events held by airlines (Announcing of a new route, the inaugural party before a route) also are good places to get stuff-Everything from American Airlines pillows to American Airlines coffee plugs.

There are items branded with airline logos for sporting events or other things that airlines sponsor. For example, United Airlines sponsors the NY Marathon (I think) and Qatar, Etihad, and Emirates sponsor 15,000 football (For americans, soccer) teams in Europe.

Galley carts and airline seats are also available but I doubt you would be interested in those.


You forgot about the engines, when nobody is watching you can pick one (Not two… you know) and put it in your handbag those are branded too. lol

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I usually get them at the Airline’s HUB. My dad had 3 Delta pens and my mom had an Aer Lingus pen

I have a emerates pen my dad found on a check in desk I asked him to walk around terminal 4 at JFK because he works as a fed officer at the airport so he can go anywhere in the airport so he found that but I want diff ones :)

What’s a engines

Could you please have him go and tell the other officers that planespotters are not:

  1. Terrorists
  2. Criminals
  3. Creeps

but that we are trying to enjoy our hobby peacefully and do not desire to give anyone trouble.

Thank you very much from myself and the hundreds of planespotters in the tristate area


If only he could tell that to the FAA…


Listen dude me and him go airplane spotting a lot he does not think that of people

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Please don’t take the safety cards, you can get in some trouble for that because the next passengers will not have a card.


Technically it is illegal to remove safety cards, but airlines do carry spares in case someone does take them.

i wouldnt recommend taking away safety cards…

I got a pen from Silkair because I filled in a survey on board the aircraft their new 737-800 aircraft. I was about to give it back until they told me I could keep it.

You can get a Lufthansa pen from the LH Worldshop :D

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I wouldn’t even want a safety card lol!

I’ve always wanted one of those! ;)


I still got matches.