Airline Merchandise

So here’s what this topic is about: Showing off your airline merchandise.

I mean like backpacks, journals, tees, cups, and decals.

Like this for example:

Also tell about where you got your stuff, like this:

Got this at the Alaska Airlines Company Store in SeaTac, WA.

(I also have a backpack and fleece jacket but it doesn’t fit in the picture)


I like the glass!! !

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Thanks! But don’t compliment me, though. Compliment Alaska Airlines!

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I got a delta 747 memorial short and delta shoes
Delta backpack hat and more

Once I got a pack of united playing cards with the backs of the cards having a picture of the 747.

Sadly, United discontinued both the playing cards and the queen!

That just makes the cards twice or even more as valuable than before!

(Why did you retire the queen United? No cookie for United)

Meh, they’re not in the best condition. But certainly a rarity!

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Man that Alaska model and the Alaska bottle look top notch! 👀

I myself have quite a load of airline merchandise, however 70% of it is safety cards.


I see another Alaska fan! Those cards look awesome!

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I have a RJ (Royal Jordanian) Amenity kit, bottle and 787-8 inrgural flight stuff.

Along with some tees, journals etc, I was lucky to be on board Singapore Airlines A380 on their 25th Year of flying to New York. On that day, 25 years ago the first Singapore Airlines flight departed to New York and I just happened to be upgraded to Premium Economy. A lot of luck, huh? At the check in counter there was a cake cutting ceremony and a band playing. When we reached the aircraft waiting in our seat pockets was a Singapore airlines battery pack and adapter. All the passengers above Economy class (happened to be me) were given cupcakes and a small snap together model! Probably one of my best experiences on my home carrier!


I have an Air New Zealand safety card for the 772, Southwest gives out coloring books to the younger kids too but I never saved one.

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You seem to LOVE Alaska Airlines lol!

Either way, I have these items:

  • Airbus A380-800 House Colors (1/200 Darron w/ landing gear)

  • American Airlines B777-200ER (1/200 Darron w/o landing gear)

  • Thai Airways A350-900 (1/200 Darron w/ landing gear)

  • United Airlines B747-400 (1/200 Darron w/ landing gear)

  • Emirates Airlines A380-800 Real Madrid Livery (1/200 Darron w/ landing gear)


I remember I used to have one of those cool pins that United Airlines would give to younger kids. That was back when I REALLY wanted to be a pilot so it was a big deal for me 😂

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You must love Daron! My models are actually 1/130 scale, too!

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Yeah, I have an Alaska Airlines pin, too, that the captain of one of my outbound flights a long time ago gave me.


I actually remember meeting up with him in the cockpit because I couldn’t remember our speed or our altitude xD

He said that we were cruising at FL340 doing Mach .79.

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Can we post airports stuff as well?

Ps hopefully nobody will create a topic after my post 😂

The JetBlue crew gave me junior crew wings when I was 12 and let me have a look in the cockpit from Boston to Dulles

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