Airline livery redesign ideas

What does this have to do with Real World Aviation?

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BA redesign?

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Iberia please

My plans:
A major low-cost carriers redesign
A flag carriers redesign
A major non-low cost American Airlines redesign

Susi Air:)

This is a duplicate

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No it’s not. This is just taking people’s opinions while this topic, I am asking about which one to redesign.

Iranair must have a new livery

Yeah. Completley agree.

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It’s not, because that thread is for me.

A little bit late but I redesigned one here :)


God that looks so amazing

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Mine? Thanks! :D

Yes. Your one. It looks totally amazing! My ANZ one and the Vietnam one COMBINED don’t look as good.

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Oh thanks! Maybe you should change the title so people can share their own redesigns?

Can’t change it anymore:-( Sorry

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Oh yeah, True it is a very old post lol. Maybe ask someone if you can make a new one? It would be really cool to see what people come up with :)

Beautiful liveryyy

Thank you!

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