Airline livery Age adjustment

Hello! how cool would it be to do this! on IF were you select your livery, there will be a option to put in how “Old” you want you plane to look, so the New Option, would make the plane look super fresh, put the oldest one you can go is around 30 years old, then your plane will look like it has been through many many flights, how cool would this be?

That would be a LOT of work editing 200+ liveries like 30 times to correspond with age. I don’t see this happening in the future.


yes, but I would add a big whole new level of realistic to the sim

I’ll admit, this would be super cool, but that would be a ton of work for the developers on top of the reworks they’re doing right now (plus all the other features that are being requested)

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It’s so minor though and would be so time consuming to put into the sim. They have bigger priorities that can make the sim more realistic that would take less time.


Not a bad idea. But consider, the age of an aircraft doesn’t necessarily mean that it would look unkempt. Look at Qatar for example, their oldest A330s look practically brand new on the outside. It’s just a matter of keeping aircraft neat which some airlines are better than others.

Not a bad idea though, but it would have very many limitations to implement.


Well here’s one thing I know. If turn down, well I don’t know, graphics to low, there’s a thing where it changes it’s colors, like the MD-11 American Airlines.

If they were going to implement this, I’d imagine there’d be only three stages you could choose from instead of putting in the year or age. Say “New”, “Used” and maybe “Old”. This would save much more time than adding in 20 or 30 different variations.

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If this was the case, they’d have to edit their hundreds of liveries to have the same qualities. You’ll be looking at devs editing thousands of liveries just for minor details.


Not necessarily… They might be able to come up with a worn out look that’s transparent or something similar for each aircraft so that they wouldn’t have to edit each livery individually.

Just brainstorming I guess :)

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Again, will need to be implemented a boring amount of times to each individual livery.


This is very unnecessary l, instead we should be focusing on getting the environment better and new liveries (like approach lights and liveries for airlines that don’t exist in the game like sun Country, Air Transat etc…)

My point is that this would be to much work and very unneeded.

This would be a nice aesthetic thing to have - but not something I think the devs should focus on…

Airplane age doesn’t decide how well an aircraft/livery looks though as this is more about the cleaning of the aircraft and the time since it was last repainted.

Interesting idea though!

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Or just have a old and new livery for some airlines

@FLIGHT2 would you mind providing an example of this? You mean like a slowly worn down livery? I’d say this would a cool feature but as others mentioned it would be better to focus in other important features as adding more livery layers to the same livery is quite time consuming.

Like there are still hundreds of liveries missing for the current aircrafts we have in the FS, so it’s probably not the best time to be posting a feature like this.

But still, there is a possibility of seeing this adjustment sometime. 😁

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