Airline Liveries

Hey there, I looked to see if there is already something like this, if I’m wrong you can correct me. Anyway I thought it would be cool to discuss about airline livery’s so go ahead and share!
I’ll go first, what do you think of the newer Frontier paint job, I like it, which tail livery do you like the most? (Animal on the tail)
Here is a cool one. :)


Let’s see some more

What are we sharing I’m a touch confused 😂

Our favorite airline liveries???

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You can do something like that or another thing you can do is do Old vs new

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This is one of my favorite liveries by VARIG. It’s an MD-11 with a special livery for the 1998 world cup.

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Not a substantive topic and we’re 0/3 on giving credit for pictures.