Airline Liveries in IF

I searched threads relating to this and cannot find what I’m looking for. Is there somewhere that tells all the aircraft liveries in the APP?

The reason I ask is I decided to do a Round the World flight using real routes flown and airlines/aircraft types used for that route. I would look at the APP itself but I’m currently airborne over the Med flying an ELAL 738 LEBL-LLBG. I’m then doing ELAL 763 (which I think is a choice) from LLBG-VABB. I’m just trying to plan the rest of the way around to BOS without doing super long haul stuff.


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I can get you a list together in about 20-30 minutes if you’d like?

That’d be phenomenal! Thanks…

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Of course! What aircraft?

We don’t have an ElAl 767 by the way. Only 738 and 78J.

Anything that is currently in use. I’m using Flightradar24 when I land at an airport to see where I can go eastbound toward my goal. So really anything from an E170 to 777. Like I said, I’m not interested in doing any real long haul stuff and I’m keeping all of my legs under 3.5 hours. (except my first one from BOS-LLPD)

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Is this what you mean?

Oops, maybe I should have planned this better. Unfortunately I didn’t think about doing the RTW until I landed in Ponta Delgada on my first leg. And then I just started hoping eastbound. Hmmmm, maybe TLV wasn’t a good destination to go considering there aren’t many short haul eastbound flights

That’s exactly what I need, thanks a lot!!

Actually, I believe this one is correct, the one I posted before is a list of missing liveries. Try this one instead:

Tel Aviv to Mumbai is a pretty long flight. (8 hours). Maybe you can do Tel Aviv to Amman in a Royal Jordanian A319 if you don’t mind changing aircraft and airline. It’s only a 45 minute flight, and we have the real aircraft in IF. Then from Amman you need to go through either Dubai; Emirates or RJ, Doha; Qatar Airways or RJ, Riyadh; Saudia or RJ, or Abu Dhabi; Etihad or RJ if you want to fly to Mumbai. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Or he could fly straight to Doha or Dubai and then onto Mumbai? Why the TLV->AMM leg?

Happy anniversary btw! :)

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Yup, that definitely skipped my mind 🤦🏻‍♂️ I probably should sleep now then…


Thanks for the correction to the list. After looking at it, I did notice some known liveries missing.

As for the Mumbai leg, it was the only thing I could find going eastbound which wasn’t too far like a Hong Kong flight. Also, I don’t care which airline I’m flying, just only that is a current aircraft/livery operating that route. For instance I did PDL-LIS with a TAP 319 and LIS-BCN with a Vueling A320.

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I remember now! Because there aren’t any flights between TLV and DOH or DXB.

Yeah, the AMM is the only real choice. I too did see DXB or DOH not as an option.

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