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Hi everyone! Today our teachers gave us forms for job shadowing. They know I want to work in the Aviation field. They suggested I job shadow for an airline like a ticket agent or something. Is this possible? Thank you.

Give your local airlines a call and ask

I’m not a true expert, but I could imagine this would be possible. I personally would believe it would come down to your airport of choice. The issue is, well, you need to have a valid reason to get post-security, and “shadowing” a worker without an pass wouldn’t fly. I would look into though, as this seems like a perfect opportunity for you, and your future!

I’ve seen it before at my airport. Totally doable

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@Dillion_Talks My high school does job shadowing as well! I actually shadowed an Airport Ops specialist/manager last October and I shadowed a CFI 3 months ago. It’s a really fun experience, and you get a lot of exposure to the behind the scenes of the aviation industry (well, some of it, at least). I thoroughly enjoyed both shadowing experiences, and I wish you well on your adventures. If you have any questions regarding how I set up the shadowing and who to contact, you know how to reach me :)

It’s really cool that your school is doing that, first of all. I think that being a ticket agent may be a stretch simply because there’s a lot of BTS training that goes into becoming a ticket agent (composure w/ unruly pax, actually working the machines, etc.). If I were you, I’d look into airport maintenance/janitorial. It may not sound great, but, when you think about it, you’ll get a lot of post-security airport exposure, and on your breaks I’m sure you could find some pilots (or whomever you want to speak to) and ask for a tour and whatnot from that person :)

I know Dnata does Job Shadowing. If they’re at your local airport maybe give them a ring.

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