Airline hubs for my model Airport

I have a Gemini jets airport which is basically a model airport. It is a fictional airport in the northeast U.S.A., but I want to have a hub for one of the big three U.S. carries. Though I can’t decide which one. Please vote below to tell me either American Airlines, Delta Airlines or United Airlines.

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines

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Are you planning on modelling the airport after a real life airport anytime soon?

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No, the problem was I wanted to do an American airport but I couldn’t find one that I would like.

What does the airport look like as of now? can you post a picture?

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Well I moved over the summer and I had to pack up my old airport which was JFK (changed it because it was too expensive) so I decided to not only the airport but the terminals and runways themselves. I might post pictures when it is complete.

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