Airline from Greece or had flights to Greece of 757


Just wanted to know any airline from Greece or any airline that operated the 757 from New York to Greece? Just for information. I can’t find that why.

Thank you

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There are no current or past operators of the 757 that fly or have flown from New York to Greece.

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As the Boeing 757-200 range is 4,488 nm and a direct line from New York to Athens is 4,294 nm I’m going to say that there is a very low chance someone operated the 757 on that route. (safety reasons) It could have been possible but the chances are very low.

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Ok, just wanted to know because I couldn’t find any info. Thank you guys for your time.

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No problem, always happy to help!

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Hey, the only possible way that I think you could do it would be, by using a Jet 2 757 from Newark to Newcastle, and then flying from Newcastle to Greece? That’s the only way that a 757 goes from one to another. Hope this helps

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Greece has only two airports where a 757 would fly regularly. It’s Athens and Thessaloniki. All other airports, especially the islands are able to manage the 757 but it’s only profitable to send this aircraft in summer seasons.

The recent 757 flights to Greece were:

  1. DHL to Athens
  2. USA - Air Force 2 to Thessaloniki

Hope this helps!

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Is it because you saw a mod flying it? I believe a staff / mod was flying Herkalion to New York this morning. I’m not going to speculate as that’s the freedom of IF to fly any livery on any route haha


Yeah, that was me.

Just having a bit of fun, not a realistic flight in the slightest.


Yes, I saw you in liveflight, but I didn’t want to say that mod was flying so I said to know any airline that did that flight in the past.

yes, it’s true.

Thank you for the information, It helps me.

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