Airline destinations?

Hey guys. Today I wanted to start flying real routes of the airlines I want to fly. But I’m having trouble finding there destinations from were to were they fly. How do you guys do it. Are there any helpful tips. Thank’s.

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Just look up the airline and then routes
Examples being
Air Canada Routes
American airlines Routes.
You have to do a little more “Research” But it’s not very hard.

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If you use a website such as Flightaware then you can track flights by different airlines

I literally go on FR24, filter by the airline and et viola. You can then look at the recent flights of one of their aircraft to find more routes.


Type in two airports into Google Flight and it gives u the Airlines and aircraft

If you want a specific airport search "ICAO ( airport ) the click on wikipedia page of that airport go down to destinations and you got bunch of real world routes from or to that airport!


@ThomasThePro has the best idea in my opinion, Wikipedia is really easy to use

well you can go to the website of the airline you want to fly and see their network or you can also go to wiki for more convenience , just search the airport and you’ll see what airlines fly there

off topic but if you also want to fly with a real life flight number , you can just search origin airport-destination airport flight schedule and you’ll see the flight number and schedules , like this

sorry if my English is hard to understand, it’s not my first language

This is what I found.

These are the routes that British airways fly. But I don’t know from were the airline flys to those destinations do they directly fly London Heathrow or from somewhere else.

Just go to those airport s Wikipedia pages and see where BA flies from. Its pretty simple

Click on the airport and scroll down to the “Airlines and Destinations” to find out.

I usually look in Wikipedia and sometimes i use Flightrader24

OK. Found it thatnk’s.

But since my English is not so good can anybody explain me what Seasonal charter means.

Seasonal Charter is just when the flights only take place during that season. For example, They will only operate to the one destination during the summer.

OK guys.
Thank’s for the help.
That’s all I wanted.

Bookmarked this topic to reply to it later, but there is really a simple way to do this using FlightRadar24, all the other methods are somewhat tedious and may not show the aircraft on that route.

Type in the name of your airline and click the search suggestion for your respective carrier. Then go to the “Routes” page. I have used Air Mauritius as an example. You will see a map of the routes of the airline that are going to operate in the next 7 days, click on the airport then boom. You get the destination, aircraft, flight number, etc.

You can also click the flight# of your route for additional information + a replay for the previous flight, or the tracking of the current live flight if it is currently flying

Easy, see! You can also do the same for all routes from an airport in the next 7 days.

Type in the airport name or ICAO or IATA or city, go to the routes page again. Select a destination on the map, then boom! You get the same attributes as above. Easy! You can also select arriving/departing flights on both airport and airline routes. No need to search google for the flight number/aircraft/etc. Everyone who does that is making it harder on themselves than it really is.


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