Airline Deals Tracking Thread

-900 or -1000

Pre orders actually

Did they mention anything else about it?

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6 A359 and 27 A35K

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yeah, either the A35K or the 779, or both

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Nope other then more 787 orders might come

What is known is that LOT is eyeing a large order of either A220s or E2s in the coming months

Neat. I was watching a video that LOT was the launch customer of the first ERJ aircraft. Gonna guess that they’ll go with the E2

idk why lot would choose the E2 or A220 instead of the 737MAX-7 its an aircraft that would be cheaper to have since the pilot training for LOT as they also have the 73m8

Maybe, but the Max 7 is yet to be certified so the A220 and E2 are the best options.

Airline: SilkWay West
Manufacturer or lessor: boeing
Aircraft model: 777F
Amount: 1
Options: N/A

Hainan Airlines seems to be ordering 20 A339s

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what does 20 sets of galley mean

They buy galleys for 20 aircraft I assume, I.e. e.g. cookstoves, storage compartments, etc. basically the kitchen of the aircraft


Airline: Aegean Airlines
Manufacturer or lessor: Airbus
Aircraft model: a321Neo-LR
Amount: 4
Options: N/A

Airline: IndiGo
Manufacturer or lessor: Airbus
Aircraft model: A350-900XWB
Amount: 30
Options: 70


Korean Air looks to be gearing up to order 10 777x aircraft


korean is def not looking for fleet simplicity

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That’s interesting. Never really seen such a big widebody order/fleet by a LCC

I mean condor is low cost