Airline Crews Assist the NHS In This Time Of Need

As you are all aware the Coronavirus pandemic has all but decimated most industries, including the aviation industry. Airlines such as TUI, EasyJet, Virgin and Ryanair have mostly grounded their entire fleets as have BA. This means that their crews aren’t flying, rather than stay at home, airlines have encouraged and asked their staff to volunteer to assist the National Health Service (NHS) in overcoming this huge challenge by bolstering staff. Because airline crews have first aid training it puts them in a good position to assist wherever possible, even if it’s just basic tasks, that will free up essential staff to help on the front line. Their accommodation, food, travel expanses etc will all be covered.

As more and more temporary hospitals are created more staff will be required and a huge chunk could very well be cabin crew. This is exceptionally heartwarming to see with some pilots even taking UK jobs delivering for supermarkets. These crews could stay at home and be paid by the government but instead they want to help so I thought their sacrifice to help the country should be shared amongst us avgeeks.

May I also take this time to thank all the volunteers, the staff of the NHS, Fire, Police, Armed forces etc for their dedication during this crisis. It will not be forgotten! Wherever you may be, these are the people helping to keep us safe. Stay safe everyone! 💙


Heartwarming story! Wishing the health and resilience (as I wish everyone involved in helping, be it health-care workers, supermarket staff, …).

Thanks for highlighting this @Chatta290!

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Yes it sure is. There are 600,000+ volunteers but crews being first aid trained can really help out a little bit more to free up NHS staff. Everyone is in this together which is just great! All those still working for us, especially supermarket workers who are just as at risk are true heroes!

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