Airline Confusion

I do not see the airline on Infinite Flight

I do not get what you mean. Add more detail…

Not all airlines are on IF. Its maybe Copyright to do it…

I am saying I dont see the airline because I looked on the fleet for S7 airlines as it is 737 and a320 but I checked those and is not there

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DO you have a pro sub?

Yup I just don’t see the airline that’s all

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I think you should change this in to the #support to

What dose the airline look like

I think you should show us a screenshot

Infinite Flight does not have those liveries on those aircraft. We only have the S7 livery on the A319. However you can vote for those liveries in #features.

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This doesn’t need moving to the #features category.

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I think you should listen to @Jack or ask the mods

Why should this be in #support?

We have S7 Airlines on the A319. No others at this point.


Ok thanks for your help I see it on the a319


You can check what’s available in the Aircraft & Livery Database.



Because I thought we had them on A320s and 737s! 😂

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Not all fleet for airlines are included. The Developers are always expanding the fleet, so look out for new liveries and aircrafts after an update!

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