Airline Code Display

After thinking to do or do not do this Post I decided to do so.

When Being a Controller you Always get the Callsign on the Display Name, I.e. Delta 201. Here I’m requesting the Airline Code to be displayed, for example, Delta 201, with this new feature It’ll display as DAL 201. Just a little detail which would make this game a bit more realistic!

May want to vote for your own topic or it seems like you don’t care
But I like the idea I’ll vote :)

Perfecto idea. This request is enticing for realism fans.

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That’s less realistic…

Why would you think so John?

I think it depends who you ask. Some people prefer to hear their name pronounced correctly by ATC voice (instead of Uniform Alpha Lima), where as some prefer for their call sign to look correct instead.

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I really do like this idea, although I think I’ve ran out of votes otherwise I definitely would

@Reedgreat @Alfonso22 Airlines have an IATA, ICAO and a telephony designator (callsign). During flight planning, on flight strips and on FR24 the ICAO is disolayed, for example UAL006. When communicating with ATC the telephony designator is used, not UAL

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Nice, I like the idea.

So you’re referring to the use of “Uniform Alpha Lima” as opposed to the callsign of United?

The request is for UAL to be displayed while using “United” though, if I am not mistaken? Therefore - true to life.

The callsign should be the airline code and if you hear the sound (if the computer speaks the callsign) it must speak the full airline name.

You should be using the callsign united, not UAL, as UAL is not the united callsign!

The 2nd bit yes, and I support that, but

That’s much less realistic

I will start using United then, if it is highly unrealistic.Sorry for going off-topic

Delta 201 is Atlanta to johannesburg I think, I’ve actually flown that flight.

Seems like a good idea!

John haven’t u seen on a website as FR24, The left code is Always a two letter code with up to 4 digits, this one is the most commonly used for passenger Info. This is called the IATA Code. The Right code mostly used for ATC, Is a 3 letter code with up to 4 digits, This one is called the ICAO code.

I.e. Delta 201 would be the callsign, DL 201 the IATA, and DAL 201 the ICAO.

Yes, the callsign is delta tho. The ICAO is DAL but you don’t hear ATC say “DAL, turn right heading 340” do you?

Yes I know John I’m just asking it to be displayed in the ATC Dashboard

This is a good idea. I want it to be in IF.