Airline cards

Hi I am wondering what are the airlines still gives out actual plastic cards for their lowest tiers in their frequent flyer programme? Thank you!

What do you mean by “plastic cards” There are many plastic cards on board a airplane.

A actual card for their ffp

I have a United MileagePlus credit card… is that what you mean?

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I just mean a card with your ffp number and name on it

Oh, I don’t see why you need it. Everything is digital nowadays

It’s part of an experience and for a collection

Umm I am just wondering what airlines still give out these cards.

I don’t think any, but I could be wrong

Exactly! You are right

oh… It is okay if you don’t know any

Doesn’t happen in IF, so you might want to move this to RWA. Perhaps you could Google those cards and share or take a picture of you have one.

Already moved it. :)

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But I don’t know what to google. LOL

I have one form Tam when my father was frequently flyer back in 2004, I guess they still using them but you have to renew it…

I used to have sq krisflyer card, now i made a new account since my old account expired…

SQ doesn’t give unless your are silver or gold . I think

Does TAM still give them?

They used to give cards, around 2009 or so… And i also used to have Garuda Frequent flyer liverpool card…(really wish my dad didnt applied that for me since i’m a man utd fan :) )
Now garuda doesnt give card… They used digital cards instead…
Cathay pacific marco polo give cards,even though youre in green… Some card and luggage tags…

I think you have to pay for the marco polo