Airline Call signs feature?

Hello everyone!

I am making this topic to discuss something I have been thinking about since I started playing the game, but I have kept avoiding making a feature request about it because I feel like it’s a little bit complicated and I am not even sure if I have a good idea to make it possible. So I am making a topic about it instead so that we can discuss it and if we still find it being a good idea then I might make a feature about it. But right now I want to get your point of view and also maybe you have more ideas about this that you can share.

I actually have two things I want to discuss, so this could be two separate features.

  1. I don’t like it when people can choose exactly what call sign they want to have when they are flying an airline. It feels really unrealistic. For example, I can see someone flying a Lufthansa and have their call sign be ‘‘Emirates 200’’. I wish that you wouldn’t be able to choose a call sign unless you’re flying a generic/private plane. Maybe when choosing an airline airplane to fly with (lets say i choose a Lufthansa) I should automatically have a Lufthansa call sign, however we would still be able to choose the numbers we want.

  2. This other thought I have might be very complicated and I don’t think others will agree on this but it’s also something I find unrealistic.

If you’re choosing to fly with an airline company you should only be able to choose the airline based on what country you’re flying to/from. For instance if you’re flying a route from London to Sweden the option of airlines you have should be SAS, BA and Ryan air since these three airlines currently fly there to and from London. Maybe you could paste your flight plan when choosing an airline before you start the game to get the airplane and airline that flies exactly that route.

Maybe this is very complicated to make and the game will need to be updated frequently for the routes and airlines but maybe you guys have other ideas for this. Anyway, if you think this is a stupid and complicated idea please tell me because I have been thinking about it a lot and I wanted to get it out of my head.


This should be in #features you are TL2

Haha that got me, why would they want to choose a different airline callsign when the airline callsign of the aircraft they’re flying already exists?

In my opinion, it’s a little restrictive. Some pilots like me like to explore the world and fly to more exotic places like Fiji/Canary Islands/St Maarten/Anchorage. In this case there might be only 1 or 2 airlines operating such a route and IF might not have that particular airline or aircraft. It’s quite a complicated idea.


Still not completely sure if it’s possible to have this happen. And for the first idea there already is a similar request.

You could still fly to those places from any part of the world as long as you don’t use an airline. You could have a private jet and any call sign you want that is not made for an airline.

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May be not to be too restrictive. It would be a steep in the direction of your idea if IF would assign automatically an callsign of the airline you have chosen a jet from, but let you change that.
I think most people are just to lazy to change their callsign when they change the airframe, there for most will fly with an appropriate callsign when it is automated.
For those who chose their callsign by purpose it would still work.

For the choice of airline related to starting location there would be to many locations IF has not the appropriate airline/airframe combination. Additional you could think about numerous realistic, even when rare, scenarios why a certain airframe in a foreign livery will fly from an airport.


Good Idea but I advise you to copy and paste this as this would be a good feature to have in the #features category once you are the right trust level

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Thanks! I already am TL2 but do you think I should copy the whole thing? Are the two ideas not two different requests?

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In the nicest way, with all due respect,

I disagree, there’s a point when a simulator becomes, well a job.
If FDS restricts the users that much, I’m sure they’ll be driven away some. After all, as much of a realistic thing you want this to be, it still needs to be fun- have options and give pilots the ability to mess around.
The only way I would ever consider giving a vote would be if this was on expert server only, even then I would probably save my vote.
There’s s fine line between realism and bossism (is that a word 😂).


I appreciate your opinion but in what way and why do you feel restricted? You can still fly wherever you want and have whatever call sign you want EXCEPT for the airline call signs if you’re not flying an actual real life route for the airline. I don’t think pilots in real life feels restricted because of that, so it should be the same in Infinite Flight.

I would agree with this, but what about GA callsigns when flying a commercial route? For example, my callsign when not flying for a VA is BOE-ING, and when I’m flying for a VA, I have to use that VA’s callsign which is also a GA callsign. EX: AAVA1583

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If FDS says
“Ok, flying from Britain to America, you only get x amount of airlines and in turn airplanes with those liverys. ”,
That takes the fun out. I think that’s what VAs are for, be realistic on the VA time while logging hours and being restricted to aircraft, but on your own time, pilots still need to be able to have fun and mess around.


Well a simulator is meant to be a as real as it could be as in real life. So if you’re more of a player that has a lot of fantasy then I would say that we could keep the casual server free of realism but both training server and expert server should have the same rules.

I agree with that.

It’s just the fact that once a simulator becomes too restrictive, people will lose interest in it.
I think the call sign point is a great idea, just not restricting aircraft/ air lines by country.

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I don’t think anyone will lose interest in it if they can choose to fly for fun and do/choose whatever they want (on the casual server) but also have the option to play realistically like the majority of the people I believe would like to and that can be on the training and expert server.

This could defiantly be useful! But the issue is, some airlines (for example Peach Aviation) don’t have a callsign yet, so I have to use a different callsign like JAL571 if I was flying a peach a320.

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I’m sorry but what do u mean by GA? I didn’t get that.

Come to think of it, this would only be viable on expert.
Training server is the only other server that offers ATC to pilots, so only being free on casual, wouldnt work.

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GAVis an acronym for general aviation-
Prop driven aircraft

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That’s true. I don’t know but I just love the feeling when looking at the planes that are inbound for the airport that I’m at for example and knowing from what country they are coming from based on their call sign. That feels neat and realistic.

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