Airline Buys Austrians 767s

It was announced today by Austrian Airlines that they have found a buy for 3 767s that was due to be scheduled for retirement. It comes as a surprise to Austrian Airlines as they was due to be retired next month. An American Company has decided to buy the 767-300ER and CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech was happy about the deal with MonoCoque having ‘good negotiations’.

Credit to: OE-LPE | Boeing 777-2Q8(ER) | Austrian Airlines | Nanjo_Rippile | JetPhotos

The Airliner is the older passenger plane in the Lufthansa Group fleet, and is due to make it delivery to MonoCoque next month, with the first plane regrstration being OE-LAT to Pinal Airpark. The American Company see this as a strategic step in securing the long term and possible expansion of their Cargo and Passenger operations.

Austrian Airlines will keep their last 3 767s and six more 777s which will be due to be phased out in a years time. We have already seen Austrian say goodbye to many planes within their fleet such as the Q400 and the a319. This comes under a major Restructuring of the Airline and is not seen as much of a surprise. However, personally it’s sad to see the 767 leave their fleet, but may prove to become a vital role in cargo operations world-wide.

 Here are some of Austrians 767 Routes:

Credit to: The Hub: Routes, Fleet, and Terminal Maps for Austrian Airlines


Is this American company…
new new Eastern Airlines?

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Incorrect unfortunately, MonoCoque are the American Company who has bought these 767s. They haven’t really be heard off before but are showing signs of possibly growing their airline to take part in cargo ops

Oh, I would have never guessed that, my next guess was gonna be FedEx lol

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Dang their name makes it hard to research about them lol

Eastern actually are looking to add 2 777fs to their fleets, a much better compromise imo. I tried to research into this company, not much about them.

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Okay, is seems like “MonoCoque” buys old retired passenger jets, converts them to freighters and then resells or leases them
Here’s their website

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Their website says they have a “1988 Boeing 757-200PCF available IMMEDIATELY, PURCHASE OR LEASE“ so I know what I’m doing XD

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Yeah just saw, their CEO actually said this too ‘MDI is excited to continue the growth of its passenger and cargo aviation portfolio with the addition of three 767-300ERs’. Maybe they are looking to expand as a cargo ferrier we don’t know, i’m not sure if these will stay passenger or become cargo. inetresting though

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It wasn’t who I was expecting clicking this thread As you can probably tell but yes, very interesting 🧐

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