Airline and airport jobs

Ok I thought of something… what job would you want with an airline? Tell me what job you would want in the airline industry (ex: pilot, flight attendant) and also tell me what airline you would work for (it doesn’t have to be pilot) ✈️✈️


I would love to be ATC from inspiration @Tyler_Shelton


Obviously pilot would be fun. Also ATC. I would also enjoy ramp agent (somewhere with temperate weather)


I would love to work behind the scenes in either business strategy, operations, or logistics. In some airlines, those are all the same while in others, they simply overlap. Would want to work for Alaska or Southwest


If all ese fails I’m off to Swissport


Ooh logistics would be real fun!

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I am training to be a pilot for American Airlines

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That so cool!

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I would love to become either a pilot or work in route/network management… seems fun.

I think Crew scheduling would be a cool little experience

Most airport/airline jobs are fun.
I’m ATC but I was a ramp agent, airport security, flight attendant, flew with air cadets back in the day. over 11 years working in the industry. Awesome place to be!

A pilot for AA. But also having a ramp job at an airline also has its perks

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So does a desk job

I’d love to be a pilot for Virgin Australia when I’m older, but if not an Air Traffic Control with the Australian Defence Force.

I want a job with Qantas, my plan is to first hopefully pass University and go into JetStar’s cadet program and then move over to Qantas or just do the Qantas cadet program. I will decide when it comes closer to me going to university but until then I will stick with my job as a pilot and air traffic controller in Infinite Flight.

In the future I will be going to a Aviation Mechanic school at VNY! So i would like to be a Aviation mechanic!

Alaska Airlines pilot.

Eventually, captain on a 737 MAX 9 or MAX 10 when ASA gets them.

I’d like to be some kind of air taxi (with a nice TBM)!

I would definitely like to fly for Alaska Airlines or Delta Air Lines. However if Alaska Airlines transitions to an all Boeing fleet, I will probably lean towards Delta, as they are slowly doing the opposite (mostly Airbus fleet). I’m not the biggest fan of Boeing aircrafts

I want to get My PPL and then fly the E-175 for Envoy and then Fly the 787 family for American or united.