Airline Alliances

As brand new VAs are being added week after week, I have decided to have a “topic” about who is with who. A similar topic, [Old] Virtual Airlines Database , has the website links. I really want it know, what airlines are with what airlines.

For Example:
(@A320fan, correct me if I’m wrong)


Portside Air -
Golden Coast Airlines -
Flybe Virtual -

Or, private alliances…

What do you mean?

Star Alliance:
Air Canada

Just portside and flybe


And Hi Fly?

Paradisair Regional Flight Contracting
Hopper Airways
CityHopper IF
Royal Air Virtual (RAV)

I see what you did there…

I don’t see what I’ve done…🤔🤔🤔

Deep and air France virtual

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You underlined Paradisair Regional Contracting
That’s just sneaky

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Yeah but they’ve merged so…

It still counts as its own

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I’m just a pure genius

even better than everyone else (even Carson!)

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Can you take part in the VA EGLL event 4 me ( my subscription has gone and I can’t get it back yet )

Um … sure. I’ll announce it on the Website!

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