Airlake Airport Breakfast Fly-In | KLVN 7/14/19

Hello everyone! Today I had the chance to go to my local airport's 7th annual Fli-In Breakfast event, where they have pilots from all over the state fly to KLVN to enjoy the food and meet with fellow aviation enthusiasts. It's also open to the public so there was a good number of people there who were excited to see all of the different aircraft just as much as me! Here are my pictures of some of the most unique aircraft that were there, sadly there is a 10 photo rule, so you are missing out on a few of them, but these are the ones I felt were the most interesting!

Here is N27493 making a 180 to park on the ramp. It’s pretty interesting to see such a rare aircraft here at the airport!

N27492 | Boeing B-25J-20-NC


N91354 | Aero Vodochody L39C


N266N | Boeing A75N1(PT17)


N9626K | Piper PA-28-140


N115TP | Bruce Topp F1 Rocket


N146CT | Flight Design General Aviation GmbH CTSW


N741MB | Woolery Robert William RV7A

We were graced by the flyover of Doc, one of the only 2 still flying B-29s in the world! It is currently on tour in our stay as it is on its way to Oshkosh for EAA 2019!

N69972 | Boeing B-29

Here is one @RotorGuy would like, N14SD hovering above runway 12 right before landing on the grass next to it.

N14SD | Bell Uh-1H

Here is N190JK yeeting itself off of runway 12 with 2 JT15Ds on its departure.

N190JK | Cessna 560


Hope you enjoyed my pictures! If you would like to see more be sure to check out my Instagram where I post every once in a while.

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Those are some crisp photos. Great job!


Stunning shots. Love the beautiful picture of the Boeing B-17 in the air. Great angle too! I’d recommend sharing some to Jetphotos.

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Nice GA catches! One of my goals is to visit a fly-in near me, but I have yet to find one.

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Can’t go wrong with a Huey st all!

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