Airfrance-KLM VA Presents World Tour 6


Take the helm of the skies as an AFKLM Airmen today!

The original creators of the World Tour Series are proud to be able to present to you the sixth instalment of our flagship event series. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to depart from Paris Charles De Gaulle and arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol after a 121 hours and 51,913 nm long journey, exploring some of the most beautiful and unchartered territories of the world. Intel suggests that this is a time-bound event, leaving you 2 months to complete thirty-nine legs. Good luck, airmen!

World Tour Six begins and ends on 2022-12-11T14:00:00Z2023-02-11T22:59:00Z.

For this World Tour we have once again selected a pair of real life routes. In World Tour 6 we have selected 39 stunning destinations that take you around the globe in exactly 121 hours!

View WT6 Route Table for the full selection of routes.

World Tour would not be World Tour without prizes. The ones who top the tables in different categories will be delighted to grab them up.

Are you not in it to win and would like to fly the World Tour at your own pace? We offer extra flight time bonus for participation! Once you have completed 20 legs you will receive 20 additional AFKLM hours, and when you complete the entire tour this will go up to 50 hours!

Here is a graphic of the prizes and how it can be won:

Are you ready? Click below to access the World Tour Six Route Table powered by the AFKLM Crew Centre.

View WT6 Route Table

View WT6 Website

About AFKLM World Tour

The concept of World Tour was first introduced to the VA/VO Community by AFKLM. The idea which is a brain child of our President, John370 quickly caught on and the response we received from the first instalment pushed us to produce multiple versions over the years. Today, World Tour is one of our most anticipated event series. Watch out for our 3-day countdown both in our Instagram @afklmvirtual and right here on the IFC! We have more surprises coming!

World Tour 6 was brought to you by the World Tour Committee — @hass.ik @Manav_Suri @John370 @sanketpandia @Jean-Pierre_Krop @Menno_R @KJKLM281 @Eagle2703.

The set of routes for World Tour 6 have been curated by AFKLM’s Former Flight Instructor and Staff, @Jeremy351.

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Finally World Tour time again


After all the immense planning and coordination by the World Tour Committee, it brings me great pride to see World Tour 6 on its legs. It was a fun filled 1 and a half month of some stunning teamwork. I am honoured to be working alongside such capable individuals. 🥂

121 Hours. 51,913 nm. 2 Months. 39 Jaw-Dropping Destinations. 6 Prizes. Presenting World Tour SIX.


If you had been planning to apply to AFKLM, now is the time! World Tour is available to all airmen starting Rank 1 and an opportunity to climb up the rank ladder swiftly.


Let’s goo! It will be my first World Tour as an AFKLM pilot, I’m so excited!


Cool taht it will be your first WT you will see very early how some pilots are very crazy about WT and winishing it in 6-7 Days Flying all routs directly as fast as they can. (Me included) 😂


I hope I have the time to be one of these pilots, I will try my best


Now this is something to look forward to! Gonna be fun to fly to all these destinations and explore new corners of the world I’m yet to discover. Thanks to the great team for making all of this possible, y’all are the best 🌍❤️

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Awesome thread and can’t wait to start the WT.


That’s gonna be me, I gave up in WT4 cause of the a330 update 😂

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and wher were you when WT5 happened ?

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Idk, I think I just forgot about it

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Do you have to me a AF/KLM VA pilot to join?

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Hello @IFA_YT! We value your interest in AFKLM World Tour.

This event is open to everyone- AFKLM Airmen and Community Members. Simply click on the link of the Route Database, load the FPL and you are good to go! Shall you have any further questions, I would be pleased to help.

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources Officer

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I am very proud to be part of this VA, with challenges like these 🤩

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Watch the clip here.

It is now officially 3 days till the launch of WT6! To get you all excited for the main event we will be trying something new, Route Showcases. For the next 3 days, we will be highlighting some of the routes we think are the most exciting and interesting this world tour. So make sure to check in for the next 3 days either right here, on the WT6 Thread, or on our Instagram!

Route Showcase:
Air New Zealand A320 | Virgin Australia 737-8

As many of you already know, Queenstown has long been a favorite in IF because of its interesting landing and takeoff procedures. Restricted on all sides by the Southern Alps of New Zealand, pilots must watch their speed while combating strong winds as they fly through beautiful valleys. Also with a runway shorter than 2000m timing your rotate and touchdown is crucial to avoid running off. This is definitely a destination to look forward to!

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Can’t wait to start the world tour ! 😍

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It’s going to be an epic journey!

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources Officer

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Definitely, will be long but will make sure to complete it 😉

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I am interested in the event, but I got 1 question when we start how do we log the 39 legs, how do we keep proof that we have done them?

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Hello @Zaid_Nasri!

In order to log the flights, one must be an AFKLM Airmen. I can see that we have received your application and our team is processing the same. If accepted, you will be shown how to log these flights.

As for proof, your Infinite Logbook is more than enough for us.

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources Officer