Airfrance-KLM VA Official Thread | 2020 | Elevating the Love of Flight!

Can’t wait for this event!

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Events at AFKLM

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@af-klm_VA superb event (again) !!!

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AFKLM at IFC Awards 2021

AFKLMVA has been nominated for a whopping 5 awards! We are thankful to the community for making this possible. We look forward to Round 2 and wish all of the VA’s the very best.

The list of nominations can be found below. Head on over to this IFC post in order to vote for us! You can find us in Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4.

Destination Hero TEST

Destination Hero TEST-2

Destination Hero TEST-3

Destination Hero TEST-4

Destination Hero TEST-5


Super proud to see us featured in 5 different awards. Really speaks about that AFKLM Representation 💪


Great VA. Proud to be apart of it.


AFKLM wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Hello IFC,

Just a note to echo my friend @Manav_Suri’s remarks. So proud to see our VA honored in various categories, and appreciative of the support of the IFC and our VA pilots in making it happen. Win or lose, we’re happy to be a part of this wonderful community. We appreciate your votes!

To our Pilots past and present, you have made this all possible. As we prepare to celebrate five years in existence, let us remember that it’s all possible because of YOU! Let’s keep making this an amazing experience for pilots of all ages, of all religion, from all parts of the world, we are united in our common love of flight. We do this together in a safe, welcoming and fun environment! The past is gone forever, but tomorrow and the future of AFKLM lies with you!

A big hats off to @John370 and the AFKLM Staff Team, they are the magicians that keep the VA wheel moving forward and getting better and better every year.

Wishing you all a happy New Year and the best in 2022. Here’s to elevating the love of flight for another five years in IFC!



The poll is closed. The link is now private, please remove it.

I apologise! Wasn’t aware that the polls had closed. I have deleted my original message. Reposted the message without any links.

A few hours until the polls close! If you haven’t already, cast in your vote to show appreciations for your favourite VA/VO. Win or lose, we at AFKLM are grateful to be nominated alongside the top VA/VO on the IFC. To the VA’s that did not make it to the final round better luck next time. I am sure the members in your organisations see you as winners in their eyes and after all that is what matters.

Amazing VA! Like your thread and instagram account! Well done!

Best regards former AFKLM pilot

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Thank you for the kind words! We hope to see you back at AFKLM soon ;).

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources


Now officially the best VA of 2021 in Infinite Flight!!


Hello Community,

Thank you all for voting @AFKLM_VA for the Best Virtual Airline of 2021, Best #live:va Topic, Best VA/VO Website and Best VA/VO Staff Member. Though we did not win the Best Social Media Account award, our Instagram was the only VA/VO social account nominated. We are very proud and honoured to be recognized by the Infinite Flight Community. We at AFKLM hope to continue to strive to exceed your expectations of what an IF Virtual Airline is!

In addition, we would like to share with you the State of the VA that was recently published within our AFKLM Community by the CEO. This might help give you all some more information on what we achieved this past year.

State of the VA 2021

About me

For those who don’t know me that well, I have been around here since August 2017. Like you, I started off as a pilot and gradually moved up to where I am now. I received my first big “award” when I became Pilot of the Year, somewhat later I became one of the Leading Commanders and I also was helping out staff, creating events and more. Then I became the first Chief Pilot of AFKLM VA and I implemented the Flight Academy, recruited Flight Instructors and built out the program we still have today. In 2020 I became the COO and not much later Omar asked me to step in as CEO, that was of course a very exciting time for me, but I haven’t regretted it for one day!

Elevating the Love of Flight!

You can say that, being from the Netherlands, AFKLM would be my first (and only) choice to join any VA. Yes, that is most likely very true. However the main reason that I joined AFKLM, was because of its strong foundations that we still embrace today: core flight operations that deliver a realistic experience, foster training and coaching to increase the quality of flights, sustain growth by having excellent systems and processes and of course to foster the spirit of friendship in the community. Still today, all activities, all actions and all decisions we take at AFKLM VA, are aligned with these four “strategic pillars”. It’s my strong personal belief that a strong focus on strategy and a consistent implementation of it with a strong and passionate team, brings great success. Countless thanks to @Phil1988 @Emiel_l @Manav_Suri (Congratulations on being the community’s choice for Best VA/VO Staff Member!!) and @Omar_DeWindt and the whole @staff_team for working together on the success of AFKLM.

Bye Bye Slack, Hello Discord!

When I took the helm as the CEO in December 2020, one far-reaching decision I made was the move to Discord. For one to many years we used Slack and we were happy with that. However, back in 2020 we saw Discord moving in the virtual world more and more. As the COO I prepared the move in all silence, learned a lot about Discord and by the time I could announce the decision, the AFKLM server was ready. A smooth transition took place. With the tremendous help of our Tech Wizard @sanketpandia, our first-ever IT Manager, we were able to roll-out some great automation’s for you. Next to that we added some great bots and together with the use of voice/streaming channels, we can all say now that Discord supports our great community in a very good way.

To command is to serve, nothing more nothing less.

In my opinion, being CEO of any real-life company or any virtual one, is all about serving the community you work for. Of course, being “the boss” makes you responsible to safeguard things as rules, perks, procedures, safety, legal and admin stuff and so on, but foremost it’s the job to make sure everyone enjoys the community to the max. But that I can’t do alone of course. Therefore I am also very proud to have a very stable, highly intelligent, enormous hard-working, incredible passionate bunch of @staff_team around me. That is for sure one of the main reason that we as AFKLM VA are so successful in what we do. Having such a consistent well-skilled team is one of the major tasks as CEO to look after in day-to-day operations.

What we serve today

We can definitely conclude we have much to serve you with. AFKLM VA is proud to have it’s extensive routes, more than 1700 at the moment and 34 liveries available in IF for our 7 distinct airlines. We offer you weekly SkyTeam Routes of the Week and about 2 to 3 events each week. We offer flight modes such as Classic Mode, Career Mode and newly added Skyteam Career Mode. We offer 1 to 2 World Tours each year, which are famous already among the IFC. It gives me immense joy to see VA’s coming out with their own version of World Tours. We are glad to be an inspiration to them. And not to forget, we have other great features, like the weekly photo competition, already for a long time very well led by @joslleymiguel_holand. So, Is the VA in a good state? I dare to say yes, but we will never stop developing, we will keep on bringing new stuff and improve the existing!

Is it all about the numbers?

No, It is not all about the numbers, but they do tell us a lot about the state of the VA. To measure is to know, is a well-known saying. Whether it’s the number of new applicants, the number of events, classic routes flown, number of logs by pilots, it’s all in our databases and reports. We have seen an enormous uplift in the number of flights and flight hours since the last year. Our real-life based and always up to date route database including many code-shares is fundamental to our success. @Jeremy351, @Anlodeje and @Gabriel_Gava were and are our fantastic route-managers for which we can’t thank them enough. Secondly, our events are a big success at AFKLM, always have been and always will be, currently lead by @Benrdutch, ye. The weekly events, the After Dark Series, Destination Saturdays and certainly also the Four (!) World Tours we have had so far, are already epic and are indispensable in the future. Many thanks to all event leaders. Thirdly, we have now a consistent active base of pilots and an amazing inflow of new applicants, that are very well-treated and onboarded by our amazing HR Director @Manav_Suri, one of my best “right-hands”! And to finish this part, you all know that all we have done together has not passed unseen outside of our VA, on the contrary, the IFVARB has officially reported us as the Most Active VA in October 2021!

The future looks bright

Like we did this year with, for example, the extension of our career mode to the SkyTeam Career Mode, we continuously try to bring new, better and exciting things for you. Today I can already briefly inform you about some upcoming amazing things. In January we will celebrate our 5th Anniversary! This is of course a great moment for celebration and we will celebrate for sure! Stay tuned for more than a weekend full of activities, a special announcement will be published in due course. We are working on a new beautiful informative and eye-catching website and we will publish a completely new IFC thread. The Marketing Team, @hass.ik and @9to5Gamer under the passionate leadership of Omar are working very hard on this. We also are planning to implement a new, in addition to the current ranks, an Award System that encourages us to keep on flying after reaching the highest rank of Commander. We are also planning the same system for IFATC that are controlling our own events. Watch out for this as it’s going to be an exciting addition! Next to these new awards, we got some more great news for you! We are bringing the yearly Pilot of The Year Awards back (Published for IFC). The arrival of A220 in Air France colours is fantastic news and it will benefit AFKLM and the Career Mode even more!

Thanks to all of you for making us such a vibrant, active and successful VA!

CEO and President, AFKLM



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Tuesday Events at AFKLM

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Streaming live from cockpit: Twitch


Line looks good :heart_eyes:


AFKLM Events & ATC Report Card - December 2021!

Copy of ATC and EVENTS - Monthly STATS

Events are an integral part at AFKLM. We love events and we certainly do know how to carry them out. Since the brief implementation of IFATC Region Assignments, we had taken this as an opportunity to staff all our events with ATC. Now with the introduction of the Hybrid System, regions are a thing of the past! We have already adapted to this newer system. Typically we conduct three weekly events at the minimum in a month, however, this was not possible in December since our Events Team was on a well deserved break for the holidays. Additionally the team have been working real hard as this month we will be celebrating AFKLM’s 5 years anniversary since establishment with a weekend of events! Keep your calendars free from the 28th-30th of January!

AFKLM ATC Operations is a team of 50+ and ever growing IFATC Controllers led by @Edoardo_C. The team staffs any and every possible events in AFKLM whilst tending to questions from non-IFATC members in the VA. When possible, some of the members utilise the discord VC’s to stream their controlling live within the VA. This gives a chance to other members to learn from watching other controllers controlling live.

Below are the ATC stats of December:

Total Events taken place: 9
Distinct frequencies: 23
Distinct Controllers: 6

Thank you to all the controllers that made this possible!

Love Events and ATC?

Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 11.16.40 PM


It was a pleasure to control on one of your event! Looking forward for the next one!


No Baba, It was our pleasure to have you control at one of our events. Thank you for your service ;)

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources