Airfrance-KLM VA Official Thread | 2020 | Elevating the Love of Flight!

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AFKLM Events & ATC Report Card - September 2021!


Events are an integral part at AFKLM. We love events and we certainly do know how to carry them out. Since the onset of IFATC Region Assignments in May, we took this as an opportunity to staff all our events with ATC. We have been successful in achieving this and plan to operate this way ahead. We conduct three weekly events at the minimum and in the month of September, we had IFATC present at almost every event that took place.


AFKLM ATC Operations is a team of 40+ and ever growing IFATC Controllers led by @Edoardo_C. The team staffs any and every possible events in AFKLM whilst tending to questions from non-IFATC members in the VA. When possible, some of the members utilise the discord VC’s to stream their controlling live within the VA. This gives a chance to other members to learn from watching other controllers controlling live.

Below are the ATC stats of September:

Total Events taken place: 13
Total airports staffed: 23
Distinct frequencies: 93
Distinct Controllers: 12

Thank you to all the controllers that made this possible!

Check out the region selection of our IFATC members

Love Events and ATC?



I’m 13 years old, can I join here too? I heard there’s a 13-year-old member here too, I hope you guys can help me

Hey there,
The min age requirement to join AFKLM is 15 years, so unfortunately, you can’t join.


woowwww beautiful topic, it’s an excellent VA! 😍😍

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Please do join us in our event next weekend! We would love to have you.
Destination Saturdays (2h flight)


Coming 21.6, experience AFKLM in 3D immersion at our 2 main HUBs - LFPG* and EHAM.

*LFPG was added as a 3D Airport in 21.1.

Experience AFKLM Virtual in 3D | Apply Now!


It’s a good time to be an AFKLM Airmen 😌✨


Hype is real :D

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So happy for you guys. Finally EHAM in 3D, it would have been a pure crime to delay it any
longer than this.

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Thanks! All of us at AFKLM have been patiently waiting for this.

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources

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EHAM 3D! #hypehypehype

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Tuesday Events at AFKLM

Track us live: LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight Live



Shot by @IF-Mallorca at EHAM during the morning rush of AFKLM Arrivals


AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Group is proud to announce the introduction of AFKLM Vintage Routes to its already massive route network, in celebration of the rich history and storied tradition of the two great airline carriers the VA represents.

AFKLM Vintage Routes total more than 200 route combinations across six continents and feature five unique airframes, including the iconic DC-10 and MD-11 tri-jets, the “Queen of the Skies,” the Boeing 767 and A380 super. Like the “Cockpit Jockeys” of yesteryear, AFKLM Airmen can now simulate historic flight lines into world-renowned airports such as Hong Kong’s Kai Tak.

Take the helm of these historic jets as you traverse the globe and challenge yourself to reach new heights with the best of the best in Infinite Flight.

Apply Now


For the first time, an AFKLM Event to the newly arrived 3D EHEH Airport. Eindhoven Airport is a secondary HUB of AFKLM. It is located west of Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands. In terms of the number of served passengers it is the second largest airport in the Netherlands, with 5.7 million passengers in 2017. The airport is used by both civilian and military traffic and serves as a focus airport for Transavia.

The event is exclusive to AFKLM Airmen, however it will be live streamed for the rest to watch by @jamie_pharoah on his Twitch Channel at 2021-10-26T16:00:00Z.


Just a Monday evening at AFKLM


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Tuesday Events at AFKLM

Track us live: LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight Live

Streaming live from cockpit: Twitch


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