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Ladies and Gentlemen, after many months of preparing, and even more months of waiting, it is finally time to announce the seventh edition of our famous World Tour. Come and join us on this journey across the world, visiting all six permanently inhabited continents, with 33 legs to fly and a lot of great destinations to explore. This edition includes both the smallest and the biggest passenger jets available to us, with 32 real-life flights and one private jet flight. Are you ready for this magnificent journey?

World Tour 7 will start and end on 2023-07-22T13:00:00Z2023-09-23T13:00:00Z

Our World Tour Staff has created a journey like never before. Starting in Amsterdam with it’s endless canals and busy nightlife and ending in Paris, the City of Love. Take the King of the Skies for a long overnight flight, or the small ERJ on a regional hop, it’s all in the tour. This edition includes a total of 33 legs, spanning a whopping 51.437 nm and 114 hours in total.

View the full route database here to get the full picture of the world tour.

What would our World Tour be without prizes? That’s right, this years edition also has a lot to win for all members, not just the fastest.

Every pilot can decide for themselves whether they want to compete for the podium or just fly at their own pace. All members will receive a grand total of 50 bonus hours added once you’ve completed all 33 legs of the world tour!

Take a look at the graphic below for all prices on top of the bonus hours mentioned above:

In our route table, you’ll find all relevant information to complete the world tour, including speeds, altitudes, flight-plans, gate information and more. You can access the crew recourses below:

View WT7 Route Table

View WT7 Website

The concept of World Tour was first introduced to the VA/VO Community by AFKLM. John370, our current CEO, came up with the idea and the first edition was an immediate success which caused AFKLM to host a total of six separate world tours over the years. Today, the World Tour is our most anticipated event series of the year with thousands of flight hours logged every time. Make sure to follow us here on the IFC and on our our Instagram @afklmvirtual so you don’t miss out on recent developments.

World Tour 7 was brought to you by the World Tour Committee — @hass.ik @John370 @sanketpandia @KJKLM281 @Eagle2703 @Woutopia


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The final countdown has begun!

It’s is now officially 3 days till the launch of World Tour 7! The world tour committee has been hard at work putting together yet another amazing world tour and we can wait for you all to start your engines!

Today we are highlighting an airport with quite the stunning approach and departure. El Dorado International Airport (SKBO) is the main international airport serving the mountainous capital of Colombia, Bogota. Fly the Avianca A320 to and VivaAerobus A320 from this unique destination this world tour!

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The City of Chongqing

We are now 2 days away from the launch of World Tour 7! Today we are highlighting quite an underappreciated destination in IF. A mega-city nestled between high mountains, Chongqing is a one-of-a-kind place often described as ‘cyberpunk’ in appearance. It’s served by the 3D Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (ZUCK) where you can fly the Hainan A333 to and China Southern B752 from!

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We’ve now reached the eve of World Tour 7!

The final destination we’ve chosen to highlight is the city that straddles 2 continents. The Eurasian city of Istanbul is a favourite for many in IF. Served by the recently built and beautifully detailed 3D Istanbul International Airport (LTFM). Fly two of Turkish Airlines’ narrow bodies to and from this impressive mega airport!

Make sure to join us tomorrow at 1300Z for the first leg of this impressive journey across all six permanently inhabited continents, for a short flight to Dublin! We can’t wait to start this tour, make sure you don’t miss it!

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One More Hour

We are nearing the launch of the 7th edition of our World Tour! Join us at 2023-07-22T13:00:00Z for the first leg out of EHAM to Dublin!

Aircraft: KLM E175/E190
Flight Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Spawn Gates: A & B Piers

The flightplan and SIDS/STARS can be found in the route database here.

See you at EHAM!


World Tour Has Started!


2 Days Into WT7

It’a been a full two days since the launch of World Tour 7, here’s some stats and the current leaderboard:

31 pilots participated so far
138 PIREPS filed
400 combined flight-hours so far

The leaderboard is visible below, with the amount of legs completed between brackets.


We have a winner!

After a little over 5 full days of non-stop flying, @Gabyu is the first of our pilots who finished all 33 legs of the World Tour!

Now, after 9 days of the World Tour, we are pleased to announce the full top 5 of pilots who’ve won one of the prizes mentioned above:

1st place: @Gabyu 🥇
2nd place: @CrazyBee 🥈
3rd place: @Raquis 🥉
4th place: @DavBarsco
5th place: @EricNL

From the team we would like to thank you for your dedication towards the 7th World Tour!

The winner of the accuracy prize will be announced at the end of the World Tour, after all logs have been filed.

Some more stats of the World Tour so far:

  • 41 AFKLM Pilots Participated
  • 437 Logs Filed
  • 1409 Combined Hours Flown


Again, It was a great WT with lots of great destinations! The alternating short and long legs made this tour with suspense until the end! Thanks for the WT organisation!


Congrats to all winners, hope you like the prizes!
We will start thinking on organising World Tour 8 already :-)

4 Weeks Update

We’re now 4 weeks into this journey around the world, and so far we have had some great results from the World Tour. Feedback from our pilots has far been very positive about the destinations on the tour, with Juneau, Lhasa and Tivat dominating the podium.

The World Tour is still on-going and will keep going for just over a full month.

Some up-to-date stats of the World Tour so far:

  • 48 AFKLM Pilots Participated
  • 736 Logs Filed
  • 2402 Combined Hours Flown


20 more days to go!

The 7th World Tour is now just 20 days away from ending with a total of 14 pilots so far finished with the complete tour. There’s still many pilots working their way through the legs trying to complete the World Tour in-time. Those who still wish to participate can still do so, but will have to be quick with starting soon! Keep in mind, everyone who completes the World Tour will receive an additional 50 hours to their pilot stats!

Some up-to-date stats of the World Tour so far:

  • 52 AFKLM Pilots Participated
  • 910 Logs Filed
  • 2948 Combined Hours Flown



And it’s a wrap! The 7th Edition of our World Tour has officially ended. It’s been a great succes with a total of 22 pilots completing the full tour (and therefore receiving the 50 bonus hours). Not to mention the 53 pilots who joined the World Tour in total, that’s huge!

From the 22 finished pilots, 5 were able to claim a spot on the podium and thus claiming the prizes mentioned above in the thread:

1st place: @Gabyu
2nd place: @CrazyBee
3rd place: @Raquis
4th place: @DavBarsco
5th place: @EricNL

The accuracy prize goes to @MattyPhobia who completed the World Tour in 114 hours and 44 minutes, which is 9 minutes above the calculated flight time of 114 hours and 35 minutes.

We have received some very positive feedback on the Tour, with Juneau, Lhasa and Tivat claiming the top spot as favourite destination among almost all pilots who participated. With that knowledge, we will try to create an even better World Tour next time!

The final stats for this World Tour:

  • 53 AFKLM Pilots Participated
  • 1045 Logs Filed
  • 3443 Combined Hours Flown

Thank you for joining us on this journey! This may be the end of World Tour 7, but we can already tell you that there will be a World Tour 8, which will be even better than this one! New destinations, new aircraft and new liveries! See you next time!

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Congratulations to all the pilots!