=★= AIRFORCE1 California Fly In/Out

Joe Biden was flying across California yesterday, we dont know full reason why.

VC25-A Departing same time with Marine 1 (C-40 BBJ)

Another angle of departing AF1, M1


On final to 25R (Definetely im choosing like IRL 24L, but ATC said, land on 25R i dont care)
Also Air Force 82 Heavy, holding short 25R to give some food for F/18E.

Here they comes, two beautiful F/18E escorting me, idk why.
Camelot 913 and Hawk 1 Heavy (hello if you here)

Camelot 913 making break-in, PAX on AF1 was like: 👁️👄👁️ there is F-18 omg.

(AF1 Departed LAX to SFO, then again from SFO to LAX, and then from LAX to BFI) ((Also red an yellow arrows NEW escorting fighters))


Lovely shots! 👌🏽

It looked real 💀

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It looks so cool!