Airforce one Record breaking scheduled record breaking fligth 2 weeks airborne


Airforce 1 record breaking flight announced 336 hours of airborne time this is a world record breaking fligth and will use ariel refueling which by technicalitly you can do by what i believe if its cheating please let me know you can track me on this world record fligth we will depart LAX at 00:00Z and land at LAX at 00:00Z 2 weeks leter while airborne

Airforce 1 escort

F-22 Raptor left
F-22 Raptor right
F-22 Raptor back left
F-22 Raptor back right

Airforce 1 and Escort ariel refueling assign tankers

Air force 1 @####
F-22 Raptor left @####

who think it will be amazing to achieve if ariel refueling is allowed?

It would be impressive, sure, but you can’t call it a record if you’re refueling… lol


AF1’s unrefueled flight time is about 12 hours, so you’ll probably need 30 refuelings to make this work.


ariel refueling is cheating?

No, aerial refueling is fine. It’s just a different record category. I have no idea how you’re going to be able to find someone able and willing to assist you for 30 minutes every 12 hours for 2 weeks, though.

Some people may consider them to be non-records because if you allow refueling it becomes more of a device test than an actual thing that’s difficult to do, but if you somehow manage to refuel 30 times I will be very impressed.

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Yeah but what catergory will i need to make this a world record in infinite flight?

I think Andrew already has this record. It’s one that you will probably not beat.

I mean, you can go ahead and take the refueling record if you want, it’s just not as impressive in my opinion compared to a nonstop (I may be biased though, given recent events).

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I have the nonstop, no refueling record, this one’s different.


I know. Still an amazing feat Andrew!

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I mean, if you were refueling, you could technically fly forever.

Yes, and that’s where some people get hung up on it because it just becomes a device/wifi test at that point rather than a true test of planning. However, given that he’s planning on using a VC-25 and not something refuelable with a higher range (like a KC10) which would require significantly less refuels, I think it’s cool enough if he gets it done.

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Would it still be classified as the world record holder for a 336 hour of flight with ariel refueling? in infinite flight

Aerial is spelled differently, but yes.

do you recon i would take the lead in the infinite flight world record book for the longest flight of 336 hours airborn? while aerial refueling



sorry but would it tho?

cant you refuel the VC-25A in the game can you or cant you?

I would assume so, I don’t think I’ve seen more than a week but I could be wrong. At the very least, it’s not well documented.

You saw nothing.

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