AirForce Military Parade (@ KCCR, July 31, 1700 Zulu)

Ill go in my F/A-18

What are we doeing at the event?

At mine or the event that will be after my event?

Your event

Read you are going to fly around the airport doing espectaculars pirouttes, speed races, ETC
you can do whatever you want for this parade we are going to give you a grade
You can make a group or you canbe solo

Ok good idea i come in an

Is that your call sign all the time? If so I swear I control you almost every night on the playground :)

I’ll be there , call sign: Foxtrot16

Thanks :smiley:

I will try to come in my f-14 (anyone want a race)

Computer? O cellulare?

My call sing is N909MA i will use a f 16 but is on computer or phone?

I think that infinite flight live is a multiplayer multiplataform because I can play live with my brother in the same session and he have a samsung tablet and I have a Ipad mini

Thanks you for coming Alex

Thank you if you could come

I will try, free flight is actually not my cup of tea but ok…

Username: ATC-HV9690

Thank you if you come to the event

I think i come in an F14

Name:Jurry galon.callsign Boeing c-17 Globemaster.

The event will be in 2 hours zulu so prepare guys (1700 Zulu)