AirForce Military Parade (@ KCCR, July 31, 1700 Zulu)

Ok is good

What time is 1700 sorry for asking

Its now on 10:00am its changed

10am in california

Its already 10 am in california

I know you ask that

So the event on right now

Its for tommorrow (july 31) Fin de mes

Tomorow is the event

Ohh ok sorry :blush:

Yes :grinning: There is also another event but is after my event

I think i come in the F16C or the F14

You mean the airbus vs boeing event?

Just saying today is july 31

The event is 1700z to 1800z

Yes thats after my event I think :grinning:

For you its the first

Yes after your event 1900z

For you its 1 august

I made an mistake.