AirForce Military Parade (@ KCCR, July 31, 1700 Zulu)

This Event will be a Military Parade You can only Use Military Airplanes you can make a group or you can be solo.You can make Pirouttes, Speed Races, etc We will grade your Piroutes the grade will be based in 0 to 10.

Airport: Buchanan Field (KCCR)

Server: Free Flight Server 1

Airplanes: F/A-18, F-14, F-16C, F-11, F-22, P-18, or Spitfire MK VIII

Date: July 31, 1700z to 1800z

If you want to join make sure to post your information (callsign and in-game name) in the comment box.

We will grade you so please effort your best

Event Organizer: Don Mulki, Callsign Alitalia 77

Good Flight,

Don Mulki

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With region?

masonh2479 Callsign Air Force 2 2! See you at the event! Can I bring my F22? I didn’t see that on the list?

San Francisco is the region! :)

San Francisco at Airport Buchanan Field (KCCR)

I try to come my callsign is: KLM111SUPER.

Ok, let me see

What time? My Call sign is N2415YW

at 1600z

What time would that be in california

Yes, you can bring your F-22

Let me see :grinning:

9:00pm i think

Yes, 9:00pm I think

Sorry 9:00AM

Thank you :smile:

Wrong 9:00am

Sorry I confused my self
Is 9:00am

Sorry i think i can not come its my eating time

Ok I will change it to 1700z