Airforce formation flying @ KEDW 012300ZJUL16

Server: Advanced

Region: *Southern California *

Airport: KEDW

Time: 2300Z

NOTAM: (First come first serve) please put the gate you want and the aircraft you want to fly. (VC-25, b757, b737BBJ, F-16, F-22)
3-1 - @Narroc_Wim - b757
3-3 - @Darkestcub - F-22
3-5 - @FlyFi - b757
3-7 - @gea - F-22
3-9 - @AlotQuestions - C-17


I will fly the vc-25 gate 3-2

What parking spot?

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Gate 3-2 please

I can get some escort pilots sorted for this if you want

I’ll probably get someone from IFES to fly the jets.

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I am in IFES so I will see who can do it

I am too :)

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Who are you in IFES

Narroc_wim. I don’t really post much on slack.

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Oh that is why I don’t recognize your name.

@AnnieCorp_Inc do you know who will be available for this

I’ll come in a B757, gate 3-5. :)

I’m sorry but only 1 VC-25, b757, and b737BBJ.

I can change to a F-22

I don’t have the 737BBJ or the VC-25, and I don’t fly fighters. :/

Unless you give me the 757 spot, I guess I won’t come…

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Is this now? I might come in a c17

F-22 assign me the gate you want.

1 VC-25
2 b757
2 b737BBJ
Any amount of fighters

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I’ll spawn now just to be early. :)

Can you wait for 3 days?

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