I believe this mode would help junior pilots (including others) in IF see the air flow along the aircraft’s(s’) fuselage and wings. This will also help pilots learn the stall speeds of each aircraft to make sure when they come in for a slow-smooth-landing, that they don’t go too slow and stall and would have to go-around and struggle with this each time they try to land

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This is actually quite interesting. It would suffice maybe showing only the airflow over the wings, since the fuselage only helps in reducing air resistance.


Anyone else thinks it should be added?

Those who are interested will comment, give a like, or both, don´t get impatient ;)


The wingtip vortices would be shown as lines of the wind/airflow on the aircraft’s wings. Contrails/chemtrails would be added after clouds

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Great idea. It takes a while for some people to find the stall speeds since they maybe new to that particular aircraft. If this was to be added, sweet!

  • More realistic
  • Less crash
  • better pilots!
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And more LIVE users👍🏼

And no more XP WASTED!

This would be cool.

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The mode would show you the air speeds along the aircraft’s wings, thus showing the lift and drag and also stall speeds.

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X-Plane has/had? a crude camera mode that would show forces acting on aircraft (mostly thrust and lift). Maybe a similar, but more comprehensive and further-developed version could do the trick, - but restrict it to single player mode so it doesn’t interfere with performance and other players

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No. I think new pilots should get familiar with basic aerodynamics and get aquainted with their aircrafts performance specs (ie. V-speeds, MTOW, MLW,etc). Understanding this and knowing your aircrafts specs will help with flying the aircraft properly and safely.