AirFest Tampa Bay 2024

So today my dad and I took an hour drive up to Tampa to attend AirFest 2024 at MacDill AFB,
So here’s some shots of countless static displays and the thunder birds
I’d highly recommend attending this for any Florida natives!!
All shots taken on my IPhone 12 Pro

First up we have a C5 Galaxy on display from Dover AFB

Next we have a C130J

Following with a C17 Demo

With a Wing view from another C17 on static display

And lastly for static displays we have the F35

Now for our main event The THUNDERBIRDS on their legendary F16’s

Anyways thanks for checking this out and hope you have a great day!!

AirFest will also be tomorrow from 8am-4pm EDT


Very cool photos!

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Thanks, I’m now half deaf because of today!

Always how it is after an airshow! Thought my ears would be bleeding by the end of Oshkosh

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Yes, it was insane feeling the blast off the F16 engines they went full afterburner over us at about 150ft it was crazy.

Only time ive seen the Thunderbird was in las vegas but I love the 16 so will have to attend another show with them

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This further proves my point that thunderbird pilots leave their best moments to backlit


I live in Tampa, so I was lucky enough to be able to attend.

I’ve played at a nearby high school, and a few fighters were taking off from the base. It was so loud they had to pause the game.

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Yeah, I’m in Sarasota and they sometimes come and practice but not very much so it was really fun to go today

Nice shots! Man the C-5 really looks massive up close.

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It truely does, this is one pic I did not post of it


Incredible aircraft.

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