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We Fly, For You!

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AirEuropa - IFVARB Approved

We Fly, For You!

Founded in January 2019, Air Europa Virtual Airlines has ambitious goals. We strive only for the best in what we do. Great planes and routes, highly motivated pilots, stunning events and keep-it-simple processes, makes flying with our airline so much fun!

Great events, group flights, SkyTeam and Code share routes, a dedicated staff and our friendly community are all part of AirEuropa!


- Executive Leadership Team -

CEO - @John370
COO - @Cpt_Scallie
Marketing & PR Manager - @IF_AMERICA_DO_SUL

- Management -

HR Manager - Vacant
Events Manager - @
Chief Pilot - Vacant

As you can see, we are currently recruiting Staff, so don’t hesitate and inform at the CEO…


We fly aircrafts that have the AirEuropa livery. That’s why we fly the fantastic “city-hopper” Embrear E195 and the “long-hauler’ B787-9. Great planes with great liveries! Of course we also have B737 and the A330 in general livery. We also enjoy the opportunity to fly additional aircraft through our Codeshare partners routes and SkyTeam routes!


Our route database comprises every real world flight operated by AirEuropa. In addition we soon will partner with a number of VAs who are real world Codeshare partners, offering even more choice through weekly codeshare routes as well as SkyTeam routes!

We fly more than 30 destinations in Europe, and over 20 in North- and South America! We are specialized in South-America, which is why we are very happy with the new HD scenery, come join us and check it out!

We are expanding rapidly and continuously our route database with SkyTeam partner routes and Code share routes.

AirEuropa gives you the possibility to fly different aircrafts, different liveries and all parts in the world!

We have some basic requirements to qualify new members. We also operate a simple and rewarding rank structure to work through by flying scheduled, seasonal and codeshare routes, as well as taking part in VA organised events and group flights. When flying events, group flight or SkyTeam routes, you easily can increase your flying hours as some of these routes are double counts!

Second Officer - 0 Hours
  • Routes: Regional
  • Base: LEMD
  • Aircraft: E195
First Officer - 30 Hours
  • Routes: Regional & Short Haul
  • Base: LEMD
  • Aircraft: E195, B737
Captain - 50 Hours
  • Routes: Regional, Short, Medium and Long Haul
  • Base: All Bases
  • Aircraft: E195, B737, A330
Senior Captain - 100 Hours
  • Routes: Regional, Short, Medium and Long Haul
  • Base: All Bases
  • Aircraft: E195, B737, A330, B787
Commander - 250 Hours
  • Routes: Regional, Short, Medium, Long Haul
  • Base: All Bases
  • Aircraft: E195, B737, A330, B787
  • Commander is the Elite Rank


- Crew Application Requirements -

At least 16 years of age
IF Grade 3 or higher
No reports in the last 12 months
IFC registered, and in good standing
Be able to use Slack for VA communications
Complete and pass the application exam
Be active, logging flights regularly

<We Fly, For You! So come and Join Us now!>


Nice thread! Congrats on being approved!


Congratulations on being approved! We’re glad to have another SkyTeam VA 😉


This is a really well put together thread. Best of luck for the future. 🙌

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Nice thread!

I wish you luck on your VA journey!

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Congrats on being approved! Happy to see another Skyteam VA 😎


Nice thread! Congratulations on becoming approved!


Nice thread best of luck with the future

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Congrats on being approved!


Awesome! Saw you guys on insta. The best of luck!


Great news guys!

AirEuropaVA and Aeromexico Virtual are now partners. This is a great addition for both airlines in sharing routes in Mexico, Americas and Europe!


Great news again!
We are happy to announce a partnership with Avianca Virtual Airlines.


Any requirements for Events Manager? @John370

Nice thread guys :)

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