Aircrafts with ground effect?

Since I only have 2 IAP , which is a320 and 787-9 , but I figure that only the a320 has the ground effect ? Isn’t the latest patch is the 787 ? Seems it doesn’t include any ground effects, so do all aircrafts meant to have ground effect ? Or only some specific ones? Thanks .


Aircraft with ground affect include:
787 family
777 family
737-700 BBJ
A320 family
Ground was first developed on the 737-700 BBJ. Once FDS pushes a new feature for planes, like ground affect or wings flex, they are likely to also add it to the future planes they add/remake


What is ground effect?

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Same question here. Me and @British-Airways are so much like each other!


Ground affect comes into play when the aircraft nears the ground, like 20-30 feet. It’s a more compact pocket of air that is pushed off the plane, off the runway, and back at the plane, giving it an increasing amount of lift. That’s another reason why you’re able to go into retard mode around that same altitude for landing


So that means the 787-9 has ground effect as well ? I didn’t even notice it and hardly feel any floaty at all , I mean the 787 comparing with the a320…lol the a320 feels much more floaty .

It’s a much heavier aircraft

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@Zachary_Meir_Tish doesn’t the Dash have ground effect too?

I’m not sure. Let me check :/

I can’t confirm nor deny that fact to be true. No clue. I’ll amend the list if it does have it

You forgot the Cessna Citation

Are you sure that one has Ground effect? I don’t think it does, or did that come with the 787 update?

It does, Im sure

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What does IAP mean. I didn’t want to start a new topic😉

In App Purchase

With the a320, it feels like it automatically flare when descenting to 20 feet…and it’s like you have to hold on to the pitch degree otherwise it goes up or keeps floating in the air instead.


Strong in ground effect:

  • A320 Family
  • Dash 8-Q400

Bit lighter:

  • B787 Family
  • B777 Family
  • B737-BBJ
  • CCX

All aircraft after the BBJ update for the 737 ground affect has been added. This doesn’t mean that some aircraft don’t have it… it means it doesn’t affect them as bad.

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