Aircrafts that don’t have APU

I know aircraft that has an APU in real life have one on IF. Do all Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier Planes that are in IF have an APU. If not which ones don’t have an APU?

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No I know the A350 has it has well

So does the A320 family

Airbus A321 has it as well.

Oops, time to delete my comment, sorry peeps

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The Dash-8 has an APU irl, but it isn’t equipped with one in game.


The most outdated aircraft don’t have APU, so the Dash 8, 757/6, ERJ’s etc.
A more modern one that doesn’t have it are the 787’s
Haven’t flown the DC-10/MD-11, CRJ’s since the update so not too sure, but I assume they don’t have it either


Sorry to piggyback off of this post, but do any other planes have the APU sound? I’ve noticed the APU sound effect on the 777, but not any other aircraft.

They only added the apu to all planes with live cockpits(which have them irl)

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777 is the only APU sound available

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Makes sense, thank you.

After looking into it, the A-10 also has an APU as well. It takes you a little while to find it, but it’s in here:


The MD-11 is equipped with an APU but does not have one in the new update. Any plans to add?

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