Aircrafts sinking in the runway

There is a very common glitch seen when an aircraft is landing. When ever I’m controlling on the TS and i see an aircraft landing from the ATC High view, it seems as if the aircraft is sinking in the runway as it touches down.

What is the reason and is there any solution to fix this?

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Here are some screenshots


The same thing happens to me and some times is doesn’t happen I think it’s because maybe some times they make hard landings so it’s like glitching in to the ground and up again

Yeah it generally does not happen for APPR landings… Mostly manual landings

This is related to network latency. What you see can actually be happening up to 1-2 seconds later than it is on the users end and the app is 100% in correcting for these things so sometimes it shows like this.

Additionally, the further away your camera location is - the more likely it’ll show like this since viewing distance matters too.

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