Aircrafts rework, clouds and rain, or 3D buildings (at least on airport)

So guys, recently i saw other Topic about 3D buildings, and i start to think:
What is most important to the majority of the players?
3D buildings, Aircrafts rework or clouds and rain?
On my opnion If we want to simulate, clouds and rain with reworked aircrafts are most important than 3D Buildings. So what u think? What Will make your experience and simulation better?

Everything will come with come with time and patience


Yeah, i dont have doubts about that, but what its most important to others players? I think maybe clouds can came in the next update?!

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I don’t really see your point. If you use the search function available you’ll find there’s support for several of the features you mention. This doesn’t mean it’ll come out any faster; the infinite flight development team like to take its time. As I said before, be patient and wait, because trust me - they know what people want already.

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