Aircraft's pitch is up during cruise.

I was flying from Auckland, NewZealand to Chicago,Illinois and I noticed that after leveling of at FL330 the aircraft’s pitch was up which really bothered me I would like to know why this occurs?

How much of a pitch angle?

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You could lower the pitch using the trim.

Having a positive pitch of about 2-3 degrees is completely normal.


was your aircraft overweight? also, what was your IAS during cruise?

Also which aircraft were you in? Some aircraft are designed this way.


(meanwhile my AOA is negative because of lifting body) Alright sorry for being useless but watch your AOA. Don’t stall.

If you were flying the 787 it does have a pretty high pitch during cruise, I fly it very often and even on shorter routes when it’s lighter it still has a relatively high pitch. Especially when you’re over the MLW but I believe it is designed like this and has to keep a couple of degrees of angle of attack to stay at a certain altitude. Note that at higher altitudes the air is thinner and therefore might be affecting the pitch to maintain your cruise altitude.


The guys Above have explained the reasons why very well.
Most aircraft are made and designed like this also with the air thining the wings have to have a higher angle to maintain the appropriate lift required for level cruise.
The 787 is a perfect example.

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The aircraft is a 787-9 and it has a pitch trim of about 1-2 degrees. As soon as I noticed the pitching up I reduced the pitch trim from 30% to 0% and the pitch remained at the same degree. The aircraft was not overweight and it is cruising at M 0.85. I did take off at a very high TOW, but even after 9:43 minutes the pitch has decreased.

Is their a way to reduce the pitch though

No, it’s designed to fly with a pitch angle.

Unfortunately I don’t think so unless you want a speed violation :/ All I can say is that if bothers you that much turn off the HUD and watch the scenery from the 787’s HD 3D cockpit and you won’t notice that bank. :) happy flying

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9:43 minutes as in 9 hours and 43 minutes

This pitching up has also occurred with other aircraft like the 777-300 and the 777-200LR

most aircrafts during cruise never fly leveled to the ground but the pitch angle varies and you’ll notice the most pitch in the heavier airliners.


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