Aircrafts in LPMA

Now that Madeira Airport has a lot more traffic because it’s 3D, i’m noticing that ATC doesn’t know that wide-body planes can land at the airport, in fact it’s already landed a B742( it was a special flight), A330, B767, B772, C-17 and maybe the B787, DC-10, MD-11, those three never landed here but I think that due to the size there will be no problems landing in the simulator, i landed now at the airport and a B772 was asked to divert to another airport because the ATC said it was too large for the airport and i think it has happened other times and it’s not true, i think that before controlling an airport the ATC must know which planes can operate here.
Also a thank you for the tremendous work you are doing, it’s amazing.

In the future, you can message privately the controller involved, letting them aware of what you mentioneda above.
Unlike real life controllers, IFATC may not be always aware of the airport’s aircraft limitations since we tend to explore our assigned region rather than focusing on only a specific airport.


Thank you, I will do this in the future, it didn’t happen to me, I usually fly aircrafts that have already operated at the airport to be as realistic as possible.

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Shouldn’t IFATC be aware of the airport’s characteristics before opening so as to offer the best service? ;)

Should, not must.

But it’s better if they do of course :)


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