Aircraft's downloading automatically for me

Any time I finish a flight aircraft’s just automatically download which I don’t want. I also turned automatic airplane download over cellular date. I hate this because it download aircraft’ I don’t even want like the c130 and the 747 air force one. I think when I see an aircraft next to me it downloads it for me am trying to save space for the md11 and dc10.

Please search, there is already a support topic for this.

Flying on live is different than solo and will need space.

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In order to render the aircraft around you, the game must download them. These aircraft don’t take too much space, and you can always delete old or bad photos, apps you don’t use, and if you are on some Android devices you can upgrade to a larger SD card.

Nah men I don’t have too much space on my taplet I had 137gb and now I have 112gb just for two aircraft’s imagine five aircraft’s

And also I have no things on my taplet only infinite flight I deleted everything on it

You have 112 gigabytes???
Then you should have plenty of space for the MD-11

Nah when it downloads another aircraft it will drop to maybe 100gb and continue dropping.