Aircrafts disappear on my screen when I’m taxing

Every time I Taxi in the training server and get close to another Aircraft and stop and wait on pattern to move regardless of my distance, all Aircrafts disappear on my screen and then I find my self alone at the airport without Other aircrafts. Am I ghosted or something, or is the flight sim glitching? And what do I do to get rid of the problem?

What’s your airplane count set to?

You can find it by going into Settings → Online → Airplane Count

It was on very high so I put it back on medium. And now it’s ok. Or should I put it on high?

If it was on very high and it was bad then that means that your device can’t handle very high. Since medium works well then I recommend keeping it at medium.

You can try out high if you want and see how that is and if it works well and your device is running smoothly then I would say you can keep it on high.

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